Top 10 Best Modular Switches Brands in India

Electricals are the silent hero in our life that add so much value to our spaces. Can you imagine your life without electricity? You can’t.

Another one thing you cannot imagine a space without? It is a switch. All electrical gadgets and appliances, you need to have a switch.

Here, we discuss top brands electrical switches India.


A switch works with ON/OFF or Open/Close mechanism. Two important parts that make sure which types of connection of switch makes are throw and pole.

  • One-Way (Single-Pole) Electrical Switch
  • Two-Way (Double-Pole) Electrical Switch

Types of Switches:

  • SPST (Single Pole Single Throw).
  • SPDT (Single Pole Double Throw).
  • DPST (Double Pole, Single Throw).
  • DPDT (Double Pole Double Throw).
  • Push Button Switch.
  • Toggle Switch.
  • Limit Switch.
  • Float Switches.

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What Are Modular Switches?

After years of research, switches made companies are using polycarbonate materials to make any kind switches. Such polycarbonate version or variants are broadly known as Modular Switches.

Switches have been transformed their appearance in the past few years. From not only Looking attractive, earlier to having different stylish designs today in Modular Switches. Design improves the look of your home specially.

Advantages of Modular Switches

  • Modular switches are fire resistance switches due to the nature of the raw material used in modular switches.
  • Modular switches are made of polycarbonates, plastic and they have a long life.
  • Modular switches in India come in various sizes, shapes and colours and it can add style in your office and homes.
  • The cost between Modular switches and the old one switches is not much. Hence, anybody can easily afford the cost of Modular switches.
  • The superior quality of modular switches is available in all over India, including in rural and urban area in India.

List of Top 10 Switches Company in India by Revenue (Table)

here, list of modular switch companies in India.

Sr.No Modular Switch Company Name Total Revenue
1 Schneider Electric 239719.85 Cr.
2 Larsen & Turbo 85191.52 Cr.
3 Wipro 63862.60 Cr.
4 Legrand 58377.00 Cr.
5 Simon 40072.94 Cr.
6 Polycab 8900.37 Cr.
7 Havells 6720.24 Cr.
8 Anchor 5000.00 Cr.
9 Luminous 4000.00 Cr.
10 GM Modular 500.00 Cr.

List of Top 10 Switches Company in India by Revenue (Chart)

Chart by Visualizer

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Top 10 Modular Switches Brands in India Company Name

Sr. No. Modular Switches Brands Company Name
1 Havells Havells India Ltd.
2 Anchor Panasonic Life Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.
3 Legrand Legrand India Private Limited
4 Simon Simon Electric Pvt. Ltd.
5 GM Modular GM Modular Pvt. Ltd.
6 Wipro Wipro Ltd.
7 Schneider Electric Schneider Electric Infrastructure Ltd.
8 Larsen & Turbo Larsen & Toubro Electromech LLC
9 Luminous Luminous Power Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
10 Polycab Polycab India Ltd.

Best Modular Switches in India 2020


Best Modular Switches

Rating As Per Revenue Rating As Market Cap Average Rating 
1 Wipro 3 1 1.00 ⭐
2 Larsen & Turbo 2 2 2.00 ⭐
3 Schneider Electric 1 6 3.00 ⭐
4 Havells 7 3 4.00 ⭐
5 Polycab 6 5 5.00 ⭐
6 Legrand 4 7 6.00 ⭐
7 Anchor 8 4 7.00 ⭐
8 Simon 5 7 8.00 ⭐
9 Luminous 9 7 9.00⭐
10 GM Modular 10 7 10.00 ⭐

Top 5+ Modular Switch Company in India

Sr. No. Modular Switches Brands Market Cap
1 Wipro 206,266.55 Cr.
2 Larsen & Turbo 161,208.67 Cr.
3 Havells 52,541.27 Cr.
4 Anchor 18,452.00 Cr.
5 Polycab 14,885.59 Cr.
6 Schneider Electric 2,171.06 Cr.

List of Top 10 Best Modular Switches Brands in India

here, list of best modular switches in India.

  • Havells.
  • Anchor.
  • Legrand.
  • Simon.
  • GM Modular.
  • Wipro.
  • Schneider Electric.
  • Larsen & Turbo.
  • Luminous.
  • Polycab.

#1. Havells:

Havells India Ltd is one of the top trusted brands established in the year 1958 and is one of the leading electrical equipment company with a remarkable global presence in India. In, the race of top 10 modular switches brands in India Havells secured the first rank.

The company manufactures a wide spectrum of products like Domestic & Industrial Circuit Protection Devices, Wires & Cables, Motors, Appliances, Switches, Fans, Lighting, Personal Grooming etc.

Havells has total 7 manufacturing plats across India which located in Alwar, Baddi, Faridabad, Haridwar, Neemrana & Sahibabad and 12 manufacturing plant across global.

Havells acquired brands like Crabtree, Standard & Lloyd. Havells produce best switches in India.

  • Switch Ranges:-
  1. Coral Modular.
  2. Oro Modular.
  3. Oro Mettalica.

Company Name Havells
Establishment Year 1958
Total Revenue (Rs. Cr.) 6720.24

#2. Anchor:

Anchor Founded 1963 in Bombay Talkies, Mumbai and 1971 with the first prestigious plant was started in Valsad, Gujarat. Anchor is most popular and well known in switches and electrical products in India till 2007.

Anchor was acquired by Japanese electronics and home appliances, Panasonic that year. Since anchor brand is known as Anchor by Panasonic. Anchor made modular switches for offices, homes, and commercial properties to high voltage industries. The Anchor is widely exported abroad too.

Anchor has more than 4,50,000 retailers distribution network in across India. Anchor lunch a series of switches like Piano, Roma, Vision, Viola, Penta, Rider, and far.

Penta and Piano were introduced in 1973 by anchor which was remarkable in Indian switches.

  • Switch Ranges:-
  1. Premium Modular – Vision & Ave
  2. Mid Modular – Roma & Wood
  3. Eco Modular – Penta Modular & Rider
  4. Non Modular – Penta & Modular Boxes

Company Name Anchor
Establishment Year 1963
Total Revenue (Rs. Cr.) 5000.00

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#3. Legrand:

Legrand is a brand global leader in electrical devices. The Legrand is a France-based company founded in 1904 and has presence across the globe like the U.S., Europe, Asia and India also. Legrand has a very wide range of modular switches India.

These are for use at homes, residences, offices, commercial properties such as malls, hotels, resorts and showrooms as well as industrial applications. Legrand is a global brand with Facilities its products in over 90 countries and products sold in over 180 countries.

Legrand has more than 1000 employees, 600 distribution partners, 24 offices and 3 manufacturing plants.

  • Switch Ranges:-
    • Axolute
    • Arteor
    • Myrius
    • Mylinc
    • Britzy

Company Name Legrand
Establishment Year 1904
Total Revenue (Rs. Cr.) 58377.00

#4. Simon:

Simon brand established in the year of 1916 and have an experience of 100+ years in the business of manufacturing switches. Simon brand made best switches for home. The registered office of this brand is situated in Noida, Uttar Pradesh and facility in India at Haridwar, Uttarakhand.

Simon is a Spanish brand with a group turnover of more than 300 Mn Euros. This brand has a global repute brand for providing high voltage electrical products.

Reliance Industries Jamnagar, Novotel Hotel Pune, Varanasi International Airport, Narayana Hrudayalaya Hospital Bangalore, Omax City Jaipur is the successful project undertaken by Simon.

  • Switch Ranges:-
    • Simon Vivid 38
    • Simon Hausmann

Company Name Simon
Establishment Year 1916
Total Revenue (Rs. Cr.) 40072.94

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#5. GM Modular:

GM Modular Pvt Ltd founded in the year of 2000 Mumbai, Maharashtra. GM Modular, Is the one of the best company in India, Which has redefined and changed the Switch manufacturing in India.

They have set the standards for durability, reliability, and long-lasting Switches. GM Modular has known for innovations in Switch Style and designs.

They provide a Different kind of switches like gm modular switches, GM Roma Switches, and Many more other designs.

  • Switch Ranges:
    • Gmagic
    • Four Five

Company Name GM Modular
Establishment Year 2000
Total Revenue (Rs. Cr.) 500.00

#6. Wipro:

Wipro North-East is one of the leading top brands of modular switches in India. The reason is very simple. They are superior quality modular switches, specially created for offices, homes and commercial place by none other than Indian multinational Wipro, a Fortune India 500 company.

Wipro North-West has made five different lines of modular switches for homes along with home applications. Wipro North-West also makes modular switches for specialized purposes and industrial.

Company Name Wipro
Establishment Year 1992
Total Revenue (Rs. Cr.) 63862.60

#7. Schneider Electric:

With 180+ years of experience in electrical applications, Schneider Electric of France has a started India’s modular switches market. Schneider Electric is known for best electrical switches brands in India. Schneider Electric Switches are used specially for the decorative purpose in homes and offices.

Schneider Electric made a wide range of high-quality switchboards which includes ZenCelo, ULTI, Opale, LIVIA, and NEO. Schneider Electric’s modular switches rank in a top brand of India for commercial and industrial applications.

These include power distribution systems and other vital installations. If you are visiting a party hall or a mall, high voltage modular switches used there comes from this Schneider Electric.

Schneider Electric is leading the digital transformation of power management and advance innovation in homes, structures, server farms, foundation and industries.

  • Switch Ranges:
    • Livia
    • EPIC
    • Opale
    • NEO
    • ULTI
    • ZenCelo

Company Name Schneider Electric
Establishment Year 1836
Total Revenue (Rs. Cr.) 239719.85

#8. Larsen & Turbo:

Larsen & Toubro is best to switch brand in India with 75+ years of a strong customer focused approach. The wiring accessories of the L & T comes with a warranty of 12 years. Its marble finish and rimless design for making cleaning easy leave only a hairline gap between the switches.

L&T Electrical made excellent modular switches for commercial and industrial applications are available in India. L&T has unmatched capabilities in its range of electrical wiring accessories comprising sockets, switches, and other accessories that have been crafted to fulfil the desires of consumers in independent residential, homes, and commercial buildings.

Company Name Larsen & Turbo
Establishment Year 1939
Total Revenue (Rs. Cr.) 85191.52

#9. Luminous:

Luminous make reasonable quality particular Modular switches for workspace, homes and straightforward applications, for example, bulbs, doorbells, and roof fans.

Luminous makes high quality modular switches for offices, homes and simple applications such as bulbs, doorbells, and ceiling fans.

Luminous modular switches come at reasonable prices and available across India.

Company Name Luminous
Establishment Year 1988
Total Revenue (Rs. Cr.) 4000.00

#10 Polycab:

Polycab is a leading company in the todays electrical industry. Polycab is the reputation company of being the quickest developing organization in the Indian Cable area. Polycab is occupied with the assembling and selling links and wires and quick-moving electrical merchandise ‘FMEG’ under the ‘POLYCAB’ brand.

Not only wires and links, but we are also assembling and sell FMEG items like LED lighting, switches and switchgear, electric fans, and luminaires, sun oriented items and courses and frill.

Choose Levana from Polycab that are made complicatedly to the finest details but are also equipped, for example, LED lights, contact screens and considerably more.

Company Name Polycab
Establishment Year 1964
Total Revenue (Rs. Cr.) 8900.37


What Are Modular Switches?

Modular switches are at par from the traditional switches in households. The latest variety of electrical switches are relatively convenient, safe, and easy to use. Having modern-day electric switches serve multiple purposes. On the other hand, the modular switches are free from any metallic parts on the switchboard.

Advantages of Modular Switches

  • Elegance: Modular switches are undoubtedly stylish and appealing.
  • Safety: This is one of the major grounds to the popularity of modular switches.
  • Versatile & Multi-Functional: Versatility is the term that goes well with modular switches.
  • Efficient & Ergonomic: Modular switches are very efficient.

Top 10 Modular Switches Brands in India

  • Legrand Modular Switches.
  • Wipro Modular Switches. 
  • Philips Modular Switches. 
  • GM Modular Modular Switches. 
  • Simon Modular Switches.
  • Schneider Modular Switches. 
  • Siemens Modular Switches.
  • Polycab Modular Switches.

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    1. Hi,
      When i was searching for modular switches i found your blog and felt like wow after reading it. You have very well explained about each and every company details in depth to make readers understand and choose the best brand for their home or other purposes. Thanks for sharing such a huge article about the best modular switches

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