Top 10 Cycle Brands in India

The cycle was invented in the 19th century in Europe for the use of transportation. Bi-cycle has two wheels, so name Bi-Cycle derived from Bi means 2 and cycle means a circle.

After China, India is the second largest cycle manufacturer in the world. Most of the bicycles are exported to African countries and other developed nations.

Now years day cycles are available in different varieties for Kids, Adults, Ladies, Fitness, Mountain Bikers, Roadies, Tourers and BMX.

The best cycle brands in India are Hero Cycles, Atlas Cycles and Avon Cycles.

Earlier the stylish Top 10 Bicycle Brands in India are available as low as Rs. 5000, but now the prices are raised due to the new cycle brands in the market.

Best Selling Bicycles in India

Sr. No Cycle Name
1 Hercules Roadeo A-300
2 Firefox Colorado
3 Trek Skye
4 BSA Mach 22
5 Hercules Roadeo A-100
6 Cannondale BAD BOY FAT

List of 15+ Best Bicycle Brands in India with Establishment Year

Sr.No Company Name Website Establishment Year
1 Avon 1886
2 Atlas Cycles 1956
3 Hero Cycles 1984
4 Giant 1972
5 BSA 1908
6 GT Bike 1972
7 Hercules 1910
8 Cannondale 1971
9 Schwinn 1895
10 Bianchi 1885
11 Btwin 2008
12 Raleigh 1888
13 Dahon 1982
14 Cipollini 2011
15 Montra 2011
16 Tern 2011
17 Mongoose 1974

Top 10 Bicycle Companies in India by Revenue

Name of Company Revenue
Cannondale Cycles Rs. 2128.74 Cr.
Hero Cycles Rs. 2033.34 Cr.
Avon Cycles Rs. 670.84 Cr.
Hercules Rs. 75.5 Cr.
Atlas Cycles Rs. 53.72 Cr.
BSA LadyBird Rs. 1000 Cr.
Firefox Cycles
La Sovereign Cycles
Montra Cycles
Mach City

Low Budget, Mid-Budget, and Premium Budget Cycle Companies in India

Budget Brands Company Name
Low Budget Brands Mach City
Btwin by Decathlon
Hercules Roadeo
Other Hercules Brands
Mid-Budget Brands Montra Cycles
Btwin by Decathlon
Firefox Cycles
Premium Brands Giant

Best Cycle Brands


Best Cycle Brands

Rating As Per Revenu
1 Cannondale Cycles 1 ⭐
2 Hero Cycles 2 ⭐
3 BSA LadyBird 3 ⭐
4 Avon Cycles 4 ⭐
5 Hercules 5 ⭐
6 Atlas Cycles 6⭐

Top 10 Best Cycle Brands in India

Here is the list of cycle company in India.

  • Hero Cycles
  • Atlas Cycles
  • Avon Cycles
  • Hercules Cycles
  • BSA LadyBird
  • Firefox Cycles
  • La Sovereign Cycles
  • Cannondale Cycles
  • Montra Cycles
  • Mach City

Hero Cycles

Hero Cycles was started by Munjal brothers in the year 1956. It is the best cycle Company in India.

They have a record in Guinness Books of World Record as the largest manufacturer of the bicycle in the world in the year 1986.

Hero Cycles is the top rated cycle manufacturers in India, based in Ludhiana Punjab.

At present, Hero cycles are one of the Indian cycle brands in the world and exports to over 70 countries.

Known famously as the ‘Cycle of Life’, it will not let you down.

At present, they have below brands available in the market:

Hero Cycle Models in India

Sr.No Model Name Sr.No Model Name
1 Jet 11 Octane Spear
2 Royal 12 Cross Road
3 Street Racer 13 Stitch
4 Terrain 14 Astra
5 Ranger Max 15 Xcello Integra
6 Rapid Team 16 Nitro Integra
7 Escape 17 RazorBack
8 Cyclone 18 Fab
9 Buzz 19 Revel
10 Hero X-Sport

Atlas Cycles


Atlas cycles were established by Shri Janki Das Kapur in the year 1951 in north India at Sonepat.

Atlas Cycle industries at Sonepat. Atlas Cycles is second largest cycle manufacturer in India.

They were the first to introduced the first racing Bicycle in India in the year 1978.

The company inspired never-ending zeal and has the capacity to manufacture 4 billion bicycles a year.

At present, they have below brands available in the market:

Atlas Cycle Models in India

Sr.No Model Name Sr.No Model Name
1 Campus 15 Xena
2 Divine 16 Carcorde
3 Dove 17 Goldline
4 Columbus 18 Gold Star
5 Femina 19 Commando
6 Duroshox 20 Boomer
7 Frenzy 21 Bliss
8 Stealth Series 22 Supreme
9 Nucleus 23 Butterfly
10 Moonraker Speed 24 Sniffer
11 Scud Shox 25 Getz
12 Sharpshooter 26 Stout
13 Stinger 27 Xena
14 Cameo

Avon Cycles

Avon Cycles are one of the largest bicycle manufacturers in Ludhiana.

The company roped in Tiger Shroff for its campaigns and has been producing quality bicycles since 1948.

The Pahwa family started the company for affordable mobility to the common man and have not failed the country in achieving the dream.

Hercules Cycles

Hercules cycles were established in the year 1910 in England.

Hercules Cycles were introduced in India in the year 1951, and now they are part of TI Cycles. It is a part of the Murugappa group and has amazing customer-friendly stores all around the country.

Hercules cycles were the first to introduce Top Gear & Turbo Drive mountain cycles in India.

Hercules Cycles is a popular brand in our country and dominated the cycle brand in India.

Hercules gear cycles having amazing features and stands for quality and dependability.

At present, they have below brands available in the market:

Avon Cycle Models in India

Sr.No Model Name Sr.No Model Name
1 Rebellio 10 New Hercules
2 Fusion 11 Ryders
3 Atom 12 CMX Thunderbolt
4 Arrow 13 Matrix
5 Terminator 14 Thriller
6 Streetrider 15 Sparx
7 Blazer 16 Roadeo
8 AXN 17 CSK Bike
9 Hivolt 18 Monster

BSA LadyBird


BSA cycles established in the UK and were introduced in India in the year 1975.

If you are looking for a cute and smart bicycle for a girl, this is the brand you can go with BSA.

In the year 1994, they launched Ladybird cycle for teenage girls to promote cycling in girls. BSA ladybird cycle is one of the most successful bicycles for girls or ladies in India.

BSA Cycles is also part of the TI Cycles, also known for its flagship bicycle brands of Hercules, Montra Cycles and Mach city.

At present, they have below brands available in the market:

BSA LadyBird Cycle Models in India

Sr.No Model Name
1 Champ
2 LadyBird
3 Photon
4 Mach
5 Tandem
6 Diana
7 Go Biking
8 Foldman

Firefox Cycles

Firefox cycles were introduced in India in the year 2004, and in the year 2005, they imported 30 bike models in India.

They also promoted cycling in India by conducting competitional events like Road and Track Nationals, Firefox MTB challenge, BMX competitions,  & MTB events.

Firefox Cycles offers cycles for mountain, kids, city and off-road bicycles.  Firefox cycle has the combined features of off-road and city bikes and bicycle.

At present, they have below brands available in the market:

Firefox Cycle Models in India

Sr.No Model Name Sr.No Model Name
1 Kompac 12 Breeze
2 Colorado 13 Wahood
3 Warrior 14 Tailwind
4 Nitro 15 Marlin
5 Bad Attitude 16 Roadpro
6 Cyclone 17 Road Runner
7 Toxin 18 Sweetie
8 Target 19 Alfa
9 Viper 20 Demon
10 Tempest 21 Destiny
11 Fusion 22 MTV

La Sovereign Cycles

La Sovereign is a Thailand brand which has been trading in worldwide markets 40 years now. It’s worked for innovation, ant-pollution and latest designing for customers.

La Sovereign Cycles is the first company in India that has a joint venture in between Thailand & Indian.

They have a wide range of BMX, MTB, geared cycles, road cycles, mountain and Kids cycles.

At present, they have below brands available in the market:

La Sovereign Cycle Models in India

Sr.No Model Name Sr.No Model Name
1 Trail 11 Karbon
2 Quick 12 Force
3 CAAD8 13 Chopper
4 Ozone 14 Cross Track
5 Spark 15 Black Line
6 Nicco Cruiser 16 Red Line Urbano
7 Spear 17 Skylight
8 City Ride 18 Spectrum
9 Lucky Cruiser 19 Elite
10 Lady Hannah 20 Pinky Girl

Cannondale Cycles

Cannondale Cycles are popular in European countries, and it’s international branded cycles in India.

They have a wide range of innovators, riders, racers, engineers and bike nuts.

Cannondale Cycles are making premium bicycles used for mountain biking, racing and joyriding.

The Cannondale bikes or bicycle are available in most Indian cities like Pune, Mumbai, Coimbatore, and Bengaluru.

At present, they have below brands available in the market:

Cannondale Cycle Models in India

Sr.No Model Name
1 Trail
2 Quick

Montra Cycles

Montra Cycles is high-end performance bicycle manufactured in India and launched by TI cycles.

Tube Investments of India Limited (TI) is part of the Murugappa Group company.

The company believes in riding bicycles first, providing multiple models, a warranty and additional bike accessories as and when it is required.

Mach City

Mach City Cycles are lightweight, low maintenance and city bikes.

Mach City Cycles specially designed for when your destination is too far to walk and too close to drive.

Be it for a short distance ride or a city-wide family tour on cycles, Mach city wins.

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