Top 10 Milk Producing Countries

Milk is an essential part of the daily life of food. Cow milk is a primary source of nutritious, including lactose and protein, to be consumed by human.

Before packaging processed to ensure that harmful bacteria in milk to be destroyed, there are 264 and over million cows’, producing 600 million tonnes of milk production in the world every year.

Some People have a question about milk production 1st question is, which country is the world’s largest producer of cows’ milk? So here is the answer India is the largest milk producer country followed by the United States of America, China, Pakistan, Brazil etc.

2nd question is, India rank in milk production? So here is the answer in world milk production India secure 1st rank.

Cows’ milk is used in a large number of products, like cheese, paneer, butter, ice-cream, yogurt, and many more. Here we are known about top milk-producing countries.

Which Country Is the World’s Largest Producer of Cow’s’ Milk?

The leading producer of cow milk worldwide was the European Union in 2019. In that year, the 28 countries of the European Union collectively produced about 155.3 million metric tons of cow milk. The India States came in second at around 99.2 million metric tons.

World’s Largest Milk Producer

India has the biggest milk industry of any country in the world, producing more than 196.18 million tons of milk in 2019. This is 22 % of the world’s annual production, according to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, and more than all EU member countries produce in a year combined.

In the world around many countries have a long tradition of milk production.

Global demand for milk products continues to grow, especially in developing countries, the world’s largest milk-producing countries, top milk exporters and milk importers are expected to further increase the value and volume.

India is the largest milk producer country followed by the United States of America, China, Pakistan, Brazil etc.

Here, We can see milk production by country and Year.

Top 10 Largest Milk Producing Country in 2018

Rank Country As Per 2017 Production (million tonnes)
1 India 176.06
2 US 97.76
3 China 31.89
4 Russia 30.93
5 Brazil 26.77
6 New Zealand 21.53
7 Maxico 12.29
8 Ukraine 10.52
9 Argentina 10.09
10 Canada 9.68

Top 10 Largest Milk Producing Countries in 2019

Rank Country As Per 2018 Production (million tonnes)
1 India 187.70
2 US 98.69
3 China 32.25
4 Russia 30.40
5 Brazil 26.75
6 New Zealand 22.02
7 Maxico 12.54
8 Argentina 10.84
9 Ukraine 10.30
10 Canada 9.95

Top 10 Largest Milk Producing Countries in 2020

Rank Country As Per 2019 Production (million tonnes)
1 India 196.18
2 US 99.16
3 Pakistan 47.30
4 Brazil 35.17
5 China 32.67
6 Russia 31.16
7 Germany 31.10
8 France 25.01
9 New Zealand 21.79
10 Turkey 21.53

by FAO

Top 10 Milk Exporting Companies 2020

Rank Country 2019 Export Value (US$ billion)
1 New Zealand 5.50
2 Germany 2.80
3 Netherlands 2.50
4 Belgium 1.70
5 US 1.60
6 France 1.50
7 Australia 0.91
8 UAE 0.81
9 UK 0.79
10 Poland 0.79

by ITC

Top 10 Milk Importing Companies 2020

Rank Country 2019 Export Value (US$ billion)
1 New Zealand 5.50
2 Germany 2.80
3 Netherlands 2.50
4 Belgium 1.70
5 US 1.60
6 France 1.50
7 Australia 0.91
8 UAE 0.81
9 UK 0.79
10 Poland 0.79

by ITC

List of Largest Milk Producer in the World

We highlight 10 world largest milk-producing country here:

List of Milk Producing Countries

  1. India
  2. USA
  3. Pakistan
  4. Brazil
  5. China
  6. Russia
  7. Germany
  8. France
  9. New Zealand
  10. Turkey

Top 10 Milk Producing Countries in the World

1. India

India’s economy is primarily based on animal husbandry and agriculture in which milk production plays a significant role.

India is the largest milk-producing country in the world. India also has the largest buffalo milk producer in the world.

India contributes over 22% of the world’s total milk production annually.

India is also the highest milk producing country in the world. India exports milk to Bhutan, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and many more countries.

In India, around 80 percent of the milk production comes from an unorganized sector of small farmers.

India has more than 140,000 dairy cooperative societies at the village level area.


Cattle breeds in India: 37 cattle breed (only Tharparkar, Red Sindhi, Sahiwal, Gir and Rathi have milking attributes).

Milk Produced: 196.18 Million tonnes.

Milk Producing State: Gujarat, Rajasthan, Punjab, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh.

2. USA

The United States secure 2nd position in the highest milk producing country in the world. The United States was producing approximate 99.16 million kilograms of milk in the year 2019. The United States of America is the second-largest milk producer in the world.

Idaho, New York, California, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania are top dairy-producing major states of cows’ milk within the United States of America.

Larger dairy farms in the USA have 15,000 and above cows’ each and Small dairy farms less than 30 cows each.

Domestic demand of dairy products like cheese, milk, ghee, paneer, the USA also exports its cow milk to other countries such as Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, China, Mexico, Canada and several in Southeast Asia.

Top Dairy-Producing States in USA

Dairy farming is an agricultural business which is engaged in the long-term milk production within the dairy industry.

It is a large contributor to the overall economy in many states. CaliforniaWisconsin, New York, Idaho and Pennsylvania had the highest milk supply in 2020.


Cattle breeds in the USA: Red and White, Holstein, Guernsey, Brown Swiss, Jersey, Ayrshire,  and Milking Shorthorn.

Milk Produced: 99.16 million tonnes.

Milk Producing States: Minnesota, California, Pennsylvania, Idaho, Texas and Wisconsin

3. Pakistan

Pakistan is secure 3rd position in the largest milk-producing country in the world. Approximately 80% of milk is produced in rural areas, 15% peri-urban areas and 5% in the urban areas.

In the year 1960 Annual milk production is 6.6 million tonnes, and the year 1960 Annual milk production is 8.1 million tonnes. This increased from 47.30 million tonnes in 2018-19.

Buffalo population in Pakistan Punjab with 64%, Sindh with 26%, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) with 7%, and Baluchistan with 1.2%.

Cattle population in Pakistan, Punjab with 48%, Sindh with 23%, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) with 20%, and Baluchistan with 7%.

The Punjab and Sindh are the major milk-producing states in Pakistan. Punjab has produced 27.62 million litres per year, Sindh has produced 11.35  million litres per year, KPK has produced 4.88 million litres per year, and Baluchistan has produced 0.81 million litres.

Cattle breeds in Pakistan: Thari, Rojhan, Red Sindhi, Achai, Dhanni, Dajal, Bhagnari, Lohani, Kankraj, Gibrali, Cholistani, and Sahiwal.

Milk Produced: 47.30 million tonnes.

Milk Producing State: Punjab, Sindh, KPK and Baluchistan.

4. Brazil

Apart from the sports football game, Brazil has been famous for being a producer of milk. The brazil has produced 35.17 million kilograms milk annual basis.

Brazil economy is based on agriculture. Hence, Brazil became the largest exporter of ethanol, soybeans, sugarcane, beef, and coffee.

The Brazil government has encouraged farmers by giving them incentives and increased support and providing modern technology equipment to boost low production cost.

The Brazil dairy sector has a strong Indian connection, and the famous pure-breed Gir cows are native from Gujarat, India, which is a breed accredited with producing large quantities of milk.

Milk production in Brazil gives employment more than 1 million people in Brazil. So, that dairy sector is an important economy as a whole.


Cattle Breed in Brazil: Holstein-Friesian and Jersey

Milk Produced: 35.17 million tonnes.

Milk Producing States: Parana, Rio Grande do Sul and Minas Gerais

5. China

Milk Production in China is one of the fastest developing industry. Milk is being an essential element of a healthy diet in Chinese consumers.

China has a production capacity of 32.67 million kilograms of milk from its 17 million cows.

China exports its milk only to a few Asian countries. The government has been decided to building more than 100,000 cows dairy farm to a high quality for producing the milk to meet local demand.

The china is increase investment in building a 100,000-cow dairy farm for exporting milk to Russia, and Russia has decided to stop its milk imports from the European Union countries.

China farm is three times bigger than the United States of America largest dairy farm.

China is also among the leading in the fish industry, maize industry, wheat rice industry and other foods industry.


Milk Produced: 32.67 Million tonnes.

Milk Producing States: Anhui, Jiangsu,  Fujian, Zhejiang, Hainan, Guangdong, Jiangxi, Hubei, Hunan, Jilin,  Guangxi, Chongqing, Guizhou, Tibet, Yunnan, Sichuan, Shanxi, Gansu, Qinghal, and Shar.

6. Russia

More than 1/8 of Earth land area cover so that Russia is the largest country in the world, but unfortunately only a small part of the land is use-full for human survival due to whether.

Despite a decrease in the number of dairy cattle and the ongoing usage of traditional dairy technology, Milk production in Russia still holds the 6th position over the last few years.

Moscow has the main consuming state for cows’ milk in the country for the last few years.

Russian dairy industry is working on better milk production, and Russian investors’ are also decided to investing in build the largest dairy farm in China to meet its increasing domestic demand for cows’ milk.

Cattle Breed in Russia: Holstein-Friesian cattle

Milk Produced: 32.16 million tonnes.

Milk Producing States: St. Petersburg and Moscow

7. Germany

Germany secured 7th position of top 10 highest milk-producing countries. Germany has more than 4.2 million dairy cows. Germany is top in biggest milk producers in the European Union.

Germany has produced an estimate of 31.10 million kilograms of milk on an annual basis.

However, Germany faces Some challenges faced by dairy farmers among climate change, lack of skilled labour, and land prices increase.

Not only cow’s other animals like Goats, Camel, Sheep’s and Buffaloes also produce milk.

Cattle breeds in Germany: German Angus, German Black Pied Dairy, Hinterwald Cattle, Murnau-Werdenfels Cattle, Angeln Cattle, German Red Pied, Glan Cattle, Harzer Rotvieh, Gelbvieh, and Vorderwald Cattle

Milk Produced: 31.10 million tonnes.

8. France

France has always been the richest and powerful nation on the earth, and Paris are known as the fashion capital.

Apart from fashion, France is the 2nd largest producer of milk in the European countries. It has produces 25.01 million tonnes of milk annual basis.

The dairy industry is most important in France, It has more than 700,000 dairy farms and 3.6 million dairy cows, and it exports from Italy and Germany.

Most of the produced milk in the country is converted to milk products like cheese and milk powder and used locally and remaining exported to Italy, Germany and others.

Cattle Breed in France: Tarentaise, Montbéliarde, and Abondance.

Milk Produced: 25.01 million tonnes.

Milk Producing States: Normandy, Pays de Loire and Brittany.

9. New Zealand

Milk is a fast-growing business in New Zealand, and it is also the top exporter of milk.

New Zealand has 5 million dairy cows that are more than a number of people living in New Zealand.

New Zealand produces milk products like milk powder, butter, cheese, and cream and they export them to some of the countries as Yemen, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Egypt, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, the United Arab Emirates,  and South Korea.

New Zealand has Produces 25.79 million tonnes milk annual basis. The most of dairy farms of New Zealand are located in the North Island area.

Milk Produced: 25.79 million tonnes.

Milk Producing States:  Horowhenua, Manawatu, Southland, Northland, Waikato, Taranaki, and Westland.

10. Turkey

Dairy products have an important role in Turkey food or diet.

Their major cows’ milk production is heavily concentrated around the cities of Manisa, Tekirdağ, Burdur, Çanakkale, Denizli, Izmir, Balıkesir, Aydın, Konya, Edirne,  and Bursa.

Turkey has Produced an estimate of 21.53 billion kilograms of milk, and its products are export in the European market.

The high production of milk in Turkey is attributed to the improvement of the lactation yields and the number of cows in the country.

New Zealand exports milk to the European Market, though the Turkish government has taken some steps to boost the demand for cow’s milk also in the domestic.

Milk Produced: 21.53 million tonnes.

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