Top 10 Vegetarian States in India

When we speak of vegetarianism in India, almost 29% of people are vegetarians in India. Although India seems to have a very massive number of non-vegetarians, the percentage of non-vegetarians has dropped to 71% from 75%.

List of Percentage of Vegetarians in India (State wise)

Here, the list of Vegetarian in India.

Category Vegetarian
Male Female
India 28.4 29.3
Andhra Pradesh 1.6 1.9
Assam 21.4 19.8
Bihar 6.8 8.3
Chhattisgarh 17.3 18.6
Delhi 36.8 42.2
Gujarat 60.1 61.8
Haryana 68.5 70.0
Jammu & Kashmir 31.0 31.9
Jharkhand 2.8 3.7
Karnataka 20.9 21.3
Kerala 2.6 3.4
Madhya Pradesh 48.9 52.3
Maharashtra 41.0 39.4
Odisha 2.3 3.0
Punjab 65.5 68.0
Rajasthan 72.2 76.6
Tamil Nadu 2.2 2.5
Telangana 1.2 1.4
Uttar Pradesh 45 49.2
Uttarakhand 25.5 29.2
West Bengal 1.3 1.6

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Vegetarian & Non-Vegetarian States in India

source: union government’s sample registration system baseline survey year 2014

Top 10 Vegetarian States in India (table)

State Name Percentage
Rajasthan 74.90
Haryana 69.25
Punjab 66.75
Gujarat 60.95
Madhya Pradesh 50.60
Uttar Pradesh 47.10
Maharashtra 40.20
Delhi 39.50
Jammu & Kashmir 31.45
Uttarakhand 27.35

Top 10 Vegetarian States in India (chart)

Chart by Visualizer

List of Top 10 Vegetarian States in India.

Here, the list of top vegetarian population in India by state.

  • Rajasthan.
  • Haryana.
  • Punjab.
  • Gujarat.
  • Madhya Pradesh.
  • Uttar Pradesh.
  • Maharashtra.
  • Delhi.
  • Jammu & Kashmir.
  • Uttarakhand.

1. Rajasthan

Rajasthan Thali (1)

Rajasthan is a most vegetarian state in India. Rajasthan shares quite some thrilling & historical chapters of India.

Rajasthan ranks number one in the top 10 vegetarian states in India.

In, Rajasthan 74.90% vegetarians. This food habit assures lower obesity rate and a chance of heart diseases in Rajasthan.

Vegetarians Percentage: 74.90 %

Male Vegetarians Percentage: 72.20 %

Female Vegetarians Percentage: 76.60 %

2. Haryana

Haryana Thali (1)

Haryana ranks number two in the top states in India based on vegetarians.

Due to the vegetarian food habit of the people in Haryana, there is a lower percentage of Type 2 Diabetes.

It is located in northern India and was carved out of Punjab, another northern state of India.

The overall percentage of vegetarians in Haryana is 70%.

Vegetarians Percentage: 69.25 %

Male Vegetarians Percentage: 68.50 %

Female Vegetarians Percentage: 70.00 %

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3. Punjab

Punjabi Thali (1)

Punjab ranks number three in higher ratio of vegetarians.

This place too, alike Rajasthan, shares some proud chapters of history.

Punjab shows approximately 66.75% of vegetarians.

Vegetarians Percentage:66.75 %

Male Vegetarians Percentage: 65.50 %

Female Vegetarians Percentage:68.00 %

4. Gujarat

Gujrati thali (1)

Gujarat is located in the western part of India.

The total estimated rate of vegetarians here is 61%. People experience less health problems due to their food habits.

Since Gujarat consists of a lot of Jains, food outlets such as McDonald’s and KFC have started offering Jain food too.

Vegetarians Percentage: 60.95 %

Male Vegetarians Percentage: 60.10 %

Female Vegetarians Percentage: 61.80 %

5. Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh Thali (1)

Madhya Pradesh is one of the large states in the central part of India.

Overall, an estimate of 50.60% of vegetarians survives in this part of the country.

People in this part of the country are fond of delicacies made out of milk. It shows an estimated rate of 51% vegetarians.

Vegetarians Percentage: 50.60 %

Male Vegetarians Percentage: 48.90 %

Female Vegetarians Percentage: 52.30 %

6. Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh Thali (1)

Uttar Pradesh is located in the western part of India.

The estimates rate of vegetarians in this region stops at 47.1%.

The famous vegetarian cuisine in this place is Bedai and Aloo Sabji.

Vegetarians Percentage: 47.10 %

Male Vegetarians Percentage: 45.00 %

Female Vegetarians Percentage: 49.20 %

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7. Maharashtra

Marathi Thali (2)

An estimated 40.2% of the population in Maharashtra turns out to be vegetarians.

Maharashtra shares a vast cultural mix. There are people belonging to different food cultures in this region.

With time, this has become one of the top 10 Largest vegetarian States of India.

Vegetarians Percentage: 40.20 %

Male Vegetarians Percentage: 41.00 %

Female Vegetarians Percentage: 39.40 %

8. Delhi

Delhi Thali (1)

Delhi is the capital state of India. With an estimated population of 18.6 million, Delhi has a growing number of vegetarians at 39.5%.

It stands as one of the top 10 vegetarian states in India due to its massive metropolitan attitude towards population settlement.

Vegetarians Percentage: 39.50 %

Male Vegetarians Percentage: 36.80 %

Female Vegetarians Percentage: 42.20 %

9. Jammu & Kashmir

Jammu & Kashmir thali (1)

Jammu and Kashmir not only stand as one of the most beautiful states of India but also it falls in one of the top states in India based on vegetarians.

The estimated rate of vegetarians in this region is 31.45%.

Vegetarians Percentage: 31.45 %

Male Vegetarians Percentage: 31.00 %

Female Vegetarians Percentage: 31.90 %

10. Uttrakhand

Uttrakhand Thali (1)

Uttarakhand is a very famous state in India full of tourist attractions and breathtaking landscapes.

The estimated rate of vegetarians in this region is 27.35%.

Vegetarians Percentage: 27.35 %

Male Vegetarians Percentage: 25.50 %

Female Vegetarians Percentage: 29.20 %

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