10 Best Cement Companies in India

Cement is the backbone behind any construction. There are some cement manufacturing brands in India that motto to provide the best cement for construction.

There are some cement industry in India like Ultratech Cement, Shree Cement, Ambuja Cement, ACC Cement, India Cements.

According to DIPP, cement FDI worth US$ 5.28 billion from March 2018 to April 2000.

As per IBEF, cement production capacity at 502 MTPA, Capacity must be an increase of 20 MTPA in FY-2019 to FY-2021 and Cement industry is expected to reach 550-600 MTPA by the FY-2025.

India is the second-largest manufacturer of cement in the world in production and consumption also. Best cement brands are the ones being manufactured in India.

There is more competition in the cement industry with each brand to be better than the other brand. The number of brands ruling the market, and many brands are entering this segment.

Here we can see the list of top Cement Companies in India by Market Cap, Net Profit, Revenue/Net Sales and all cement price list today.

List of 10 Best Cement Companies in India by Market Cap

Company Name Market Cap (Rs. Cr.)
UltraTechCement Rs. 130356.66 Cr.
Shree Cements Rs. 76347.04 Cr.
Ambuja Cements Rs. 49164.58 Cr.
ACC Cement Rs. 29347.39 Cr.
Ramco Cements Rs. 18466.6 Cr.
J. K. Cement Rs. 13896.69 Cr.
Heidelberg Cement Rs. 4204.81 Cr.
India Cements Rs. 3693.97 Cr.
JK Lakshmi Cement Rs. 3280.05 Cr.
Orient Cement Rs. 1191.31 Cr.

List of 10 Best Cement Companies in India by Net Sales/Revenue

Company Name Net Sales (Rs. Cr.)
UltraTechCement Rs. 40649.17 Cr.
ACC Cement Rs. 15656.65 Cr.
Shree Cements Rs. 11904.00 Cr.
Ambuja Cements Rs. 11667.88 Cr.
J. K. Cement Rs. 5463.77 Cr.
Ramco Cements Rs. 5368.44 Cr.
India Cements Rs. 5057.54 Cr.
JK Lakshmi Cement Rs. 4043.5 Cr.
Orient Cement Rs. 2421.8 Cr.
Heidelberg Cement Rs. 2169.62 Cr.

List of 10 Best Cement Companies in India by Net Profit.

Company Name Net Profit (Rs. Cr.)
UltraTechCement Rs. 5455.54 Cr.
Shree Cement Rs. 1570.18 Cr.
Ambuja Cement Rs. 1528.54 Cr.
ACC Cement Rs. 1358.91 Cr.
Ramco Cements Rs. 601.09 Cr.
J. K. Cement Rs. 400.38 Cr.
Heidelberg Cement Rs. 268.06 Cr.
JK Lakshmi Cement Rs. 235.23 Cr.
Orient Cement Rs. 86.59 Cr.
India Cement

List of 10 Best Cement Companies in India by Price

Company Name Price of 1 Bag of 50 Kg
Ramco Cements Rs. 425.00
ACC Cement Rs. 400.00
J. K. Cement Rs. 365.00
Orient Cement Rs. 345.00
Heidelberg Cement Rs. 335.00
JK Lakshmi Cement Rs. 335.00
Shree Cement Rs. 330.00
UltraTech Cement Rs. 295.00
Ambuja Cement Rs. 290.00
India Cement Rs. 270.00

List of 10 Best Cement Companies in India

  • UltraTech Cement Ltd
  • ACC Ltd
  • Shree Cement Ltd
  • Ambuja Cements Ltd
  • JK Cement Limited
  • The Ramco Cements Limited
  • India Cements Ltd
  • JK Laxmi Limited
  • Orient Cement Ltd
  • Heidelberg Cement India Ltd

UltraTech Cement Ltd

UltraTech Cement Ltd is an Indian cement company in Mumbai. It is the largest manufacturer of white cement, grey cement and ready-mix concrete (RMC) in India. It is best cement in India.

It is also leading cement producers globally, and outside of China to have more than 100 million tones capacity in one country. Ultra tech is the subsidiary of Grasim Industry which is owned by Aditya Birla Group.

It has a consolidated capacity of 116.75 MTPA of grey cement. Its operations span across India, UAE, Bahrain and Sri Lanka.

UltraTech Cement has 23 integrated plants, 26 grinding units, 7 bulk terminals and 1 clinkerisation plant. (Including 2.0 MTPA under commissioning by September 2020).

In white cement segment, UltraTech brand name of Birla White. White cement plant with a combined capacity of 0.68 MTPA and 2 Wall Care putty plant with a capacity of 0.85 MTPA.

UltraTech is the largest manufacturer of concrete in India With 100+ Ready Mix Concrete (RMC) plants in 39 cities. It is the 1st leading cement companies in India as per Revenue.

Categories Description
Register office  Mumbai
Founded 19387
Net Profit Rs. 5,455.54 Cr
Revenue Rs. 40649.17 Cr
Production Capacity 102.75 MTPA
Market Cap Rs. 133,058.23 Cr.
Sales Growth 14.07%
Promoter Holding 59.85%
Website https://www.ultratechcement.com/


ACC stands for Associate Cement Companies. ACC Limited is one of  the leading manufacturers of cement in India. It is the 2nd leading cement company in India.

It has 17 cement plants, 09 captive power Plants, 90+ ready mix concrete plants, 6,643 and above employees, a vast distribution network of 50,000+ dealers & retailers and a countrywide spread of sales offices.

In 2005, ACC cement became part of the Holcim Group of Switzerland. Subsequently, in 2015, Holcim and Lafarge came together in a merger to form Lafarge Holcim – the global leader in building materials and solutions.

ACC has rich experience in mining, being the largest user of limestone.

As one of the largest cement producers in India, it is also among the biggest customers of the domestic coal industry, of Indian Railways, and a considerable user of the country’s road transport network services for inward and outward movement of materials and products.

Categories Description
Register office  Mumbai
Founded 1936
Net Profit Rs. 1358.91 Cr.
Revenue Rs. 15656.65 Cr.
Production Capacity 28.4 MTPA
Market Cap Rs. 30,583.03 Cr.
Sales Growth 3.86%
Promoter Holding 54.53%
Website https://www.acclimited.com/

Shree Cement Ltd

Shree Cement is an Indian cement manufacturer started in Beawar, Ajmer district, Rajasthan, in 1979 and headquartered in Kolkata. It is one of the biggest cement brands in Northern India.

It also produces and sells power the name Shree Power (Captive Power Plant) and Shree Mega Power (Independent Power Plant). Shree cement was clearly the third-largest cement company in India as per revenue in 2020.

It has 8 cement manufacturing plants and 5411+ employees in its abode.

Shree Cement has secured 4th ranked in 2017 in IIM Udaipur for Responsible Business Rankings.

Plants are located in Laksar (Roorkee) in Uttarakhand, Raipur in Chhattisgarh, Beawar, Ras, Khushkhera, Jobner (Jaipur) and Suratgarh in Rajasthan, Panipat in Haryana, Bulandshahar in UP, and Aurangabad in Bihar. 

Turnover of the Shree cement company ₹58.58 billion, and Net profit was ₹7.872 billion in the year 2013-14 and ₹55.90 billion, and net profit was ₹10.39 billion in the year 2012-13.

Categories Description
Register office Kolkata
Founded 1970
Net Profit Rs. 1570.18 Cr.
Revenue Rs. 11904 Cr.
Production Capacity 29.30 MTPA
Market Cap Rs. 75,628.86 Cr.
Sales Growth 8.97%
Promoter Holding 62.55%
Website https://www.shreecement.com/

Ambuja Cements Ltd

Ambuja Cements Limited known as Gujarat Ambuja Cement Limited. It is an Indian 4th ranking major cement producing company.

Ambuja Cement was started in 1983 by Narotam Sekhsaria and Suresh Neotia, two traders with very little knowledge of cement or manufacturing.

Ambuja Cements Ltd is part of the global conglomerate LafargeHolcim. It is one of the leading cement companies in India and is known for its hassle-free, home-building solutions.

The company has a partnership with Holcim, the second-largest cement manufacturer in the world from 2006.

Holcim had, in January, bought a 14.8 per cent promoters’ stake in the GACL for INR 21.4 billion. Currently, Holcim holds 61.62% of shares in Ambuja Cements. 

From one plant with a capacity of 700,000 TPA in 1986 to a cement giant with 8 cement grinding units and 5 integrated cement manufacturing plants with a total capacity of 29.65 MTPA in 2016.

Categories Description
Register office Mumbai
Founded 1983
Net Profit Rs. 1528.54 Cr.
Revenue Rs. 11667.88 Cr.
Production Capacity 29.65 MTPA
Market Cap Rs. 50,405.60 Cr.
Sales Growth 22.91%
Promoter Holding 63.11%
Website https://www.ambujacement.com/

JK Cement Limited

JK cement started in 1975, and its first production plant in Rajasthan. JK Cement has an in-house team of talented and professional people who work to deliver high-quality cement.

From modest beginnings in the year 1974 with a capacity of 0.3 million tonnes at Nimbahera in Rajasthan, today the Company has an installed grey cement capacity of 14 million tonnes, with plants located at Rajasthan, Karnataka, Haryana and UP.

JK White Cement is the second-largest manufacturer of white cement in India, with an annual capacity of 6, 18,000 tonnes and the company is also the leading producer of wall putty in the country.

With a total grey cement capacity of 14 million tonnes, white cement capacity of 1.2 million tonnes (including the capacity of Fujairah – 0.6 MnTPA) and wall putty capacity of 9,00,000 tonnes, our plants steer us towards our core vision to be the preferred manufacturer of cement & cement-based products and partnering India’s growth story.

It manufactures grey cement in three facilities located at Gotan, Nimbahera and Mangrol in the state of Rajasthan in Northern India.

It also has one grey cement facility at jharli, Dist:Jhajjar, Haryana and one in Muddapur, Dist: Bagalkot, Karnataka.

Its plants have obtained many accolades and recognition, the most noteworthy being IMS Comprising of ISO-9001:2008 for QMS and ISO-14001:2004 for EMS for the grey cement facility at Nimbahera and Mangrol.

Categories Description
Register office Kanpur
Founded 1975
Net Profit Rs. 400.38 Cr.
Revenue Rs. 5463.77 Cr.
Production Capacity 18 MTPA
Market Cap Rs. 14,765 Cr.
Sales Growth 73.69%
Promoter Holding 58.07%
Website https://www.jkcement.com/

The Ramco Cements Ltd

The Ramco Cements Ltd is the flagship company of the Ramco Group, a well-known business group of South India. It is headquartered at Chennai.

The main product of this company is Portland cement, manufactured in eight states of the art production facilities that include Grinding units and Integrated Cement plants with a current total production capacity of 16.45 MTPA(out of which satellite grinding units capacity alone is 4 MTPA).

The company is the sixth-largest cement producer in the country. The company also produces Dry Mortar products and Ready Mix Concrete and operates one of the largest wind farms in the country.

Categories Description
Register office Tamil Nadu
Founded 1961
Net Profit Rs. 601.09 Cr.
Revenue Rs. 5368.44 Cr.
Production Capacity 16.45 MTPA
Market Cap Rs. 18,598.68 Cr.
Sales Growth 6.68%
Promoter Holding 42.62%
Website http://www.ramcocements.in/

India Cements Ltd

India cements Limited was started in the year 1946 by two men, Shri S N N Sankaralinga Iyer and Sri T S Narayanaswami. India Cement is seventh in the list of top cement company in India.

They had the vision to inspire dreams for an industrial India, the ability to translate those dreams into reality and the ability to build enduring relationships and the future.

From 2 plant company having a capacity of just 1.3 MTPA in 1989, India Cements has robustly grown in the last two decades to a total capacity of 15.5 million tonnes per annum.

After the approval of a Scheme of Amalgamation and arrangement between Trinetra Cement Ltd and Trishul Concrete Products Ltd with The India Cements Ltd, all the cement assets have come under one roof – India Cements.

India Cements has now 8 integrated cement plants in Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Rajasthan and two grinding units, one each in Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra.

Categories Description
Register office Tamil Nadu
Founded 1961
Net Profit Rs. 601.09 Cr.
Revenue Rs. 5368.44 Cr.
Production Capacity 16.45 MTPA
Market Cap Rs. 18,598.68 Cr.
Sales Growth 6.68%
Promoter Holding 42.62%
Website https://www.indiacements.co.in/

JK Laxmi Limited

JK Lakshmi Cement Limited is a part of over 132 years old   JK Organisation. JK Lakshmi Cement (JKLC) was set up in 1982– in a village in District Sirohi, Rajasthan.

JK Lakshmi Cement Limited stands tall with an annual turnover of about Rs. 4000 Crores and impressive production of 13.30 million tonnes per annum.

JK Lakshmi Cement is the strength behind structures that India is proud of – Indira Gandhi Nahar Pariyojna, Sardar Sarovar Project, Golden Quadrilateral, Mundra and Kandla Port stands to name a few.

JKSmartBlox is manufactured using fly ash, a waste product and is manufactured using world-class German Technology.

They weigh less, are larger than traditional bricks and easy to work, with their unique tongue and groove feature.

Categories Description
Register office Sirohi Rajasthan
Founded 1982
Net Profit Rs. 400.38 Cr.
Revenue Rs. 4043.5 Cr.
Production Capacity 13.30 MTPA
Market Cap Rs. 3,423.02 Cr.
Sales Growth
Promoter Holding 46.21%
Website https://www.jklakshmicement.com/

Orient Cement Ltd

Established in 1979, Orient Cement was formerly, a part of Orient Paper & Industries.

It was demerged in the year 2012, and since then, it has emerged as one of the fastest-growing and leading cement manufacturers in India.

Orient Cement began cement production in the year 1982 at Devapur in Adilabad District, Telangana. In 1997, a split-grinding unit was added at Nashirabad in Jalgaon, Maharashtra.

In 2015, Orient Cement started commercial production at its integrated cement plant located at Chittapur, Gulbarga, Karnataka.

With a total capacity of 8 MTPA, they serve Maharashtra, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and parts of Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Gujarat and Chhattisgarh.

It is certified for QMS ISO 9001:2015, EMS ISO 14001:2015, OHSMS 45001:2015, ISO 19011:2018, ISO 50001:2011, ISO 27001:2013.

Orient Cement is one of the only two Indian cement companies to be awarded the prestigious TPM (Total Plant Maintenance) excellence award by the Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance.

Categories Description
Register office Jalgaon
Founded 1979
Net Profit Rs. 86.59 Cr.
Revenue Rs. 2421.8 Cr.
Production Capacity 8.0 MTPA
Market Cap Rs. 1,316.28 Cr.
Sales Growth
Promoter Holding 37.37%
Website https://orientcement.com/

Heidelberg Cement India Ltd

Heidelberg Cement India Limited (HCIL / Company) is a subsidiary of Heidelberg Cement Group, Germany.

The Company has its operations in Central India at Damoh (Madhya Pradesh), Jhansi (Uttar Pradesh) and in Southern India at Ammasandra (Karnataka).

The Company increased its capacity to 5.4 million tones p.a. through the expansion of its facilities in Central India in 2013.

The new manufacturing capacity has enabled the Company to increase its market share in Central India, i.e. Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh and in markets of Bihar, Haryana and Uttarakhand.

The Heidelberg Cement Group is a global market leader in aggregates and a prominent player in the fields of cement, concrete and other downstream activities, ranking as one of the world’s largest manufacturers of building materials.

The Group employs 52,600 manpower at 2,500 locations in more than 40 countries.

Categories Description
Register office
Net Profit Rs. 268.06 Cr.
Revenue Rs. 2169.62 Cr.
Production Capacity 5.4 MTPA
Market Cap Rs. 4,500.54 Cr.
Sales Growth
Promoter Holding 69.39%
Website https://www.mycemco.com/

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