Top 10 Pharma Company in India 2020

Top Pharma Companies in India

Here, list of pharma companies india.

Sr. No. Pharma Company Name
1 Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd
2 Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd
3 Divi’s Laboratories
4 Cipla
5 Aurobindo Pharma
6 Torrent Pharmaceuticals
7 Lupin Ltd
8 Zydus Cadila Healthcare
9 Abbott India
10 Alkem Laboratories
11 Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd
12 Biocon Ltd.
13 Piramal Enterprises Ltd.
14 ManKind Pharma Limited
15 Novaritis India

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Top 20 Pharmaceutical Companies in India As Per Revenue

Here, list of Top 20 Pharma Companies in India. 

Sr. No. Pharmaceutical Company Name Revenue (Rs. Cr.)
1 Aurobindo Pharm 13,266.48 Cr.
2 Cipla 12,659.15 Cr.
3 Sun Pharma 12,531.93 Cr.
4 Dr Reddys Labs 11,850.40 Cr.
5 Lupin 11,025.66 Cr.
6 Glenmark 6,712.63 Cr.
7 Alkem Lab 6,677.08 Cr.
8 Cadila Health 6,347.40 Cr.
9 Torrent Pharma 6,168.44 Cr.
10 Divis Labs 5,310.57 Cr.
11 Ipca Labs 4,367.43 Cr.
12 Alembic Pharma 4,132.55 Cr.
13 Abbott India 4,093.14 Cr.
14 GlaxoSmithKline 3,224.68 Cr.
15 Jubilant Life 3,139.90 Cr.
16 Sanofi India 3,070.60 Cr.
17 Laurus Labs 2,797.34 Cr.
18 Nectar Life 2,362.80 Cr.
19 Granules India 2,309.93 Cr.
20 Ajanta Pharma 2,196.42 Cr.

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Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies in India as Per Revenue

Here, view of Top 10 Pharma Companies in India 2020 .

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Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies in India by Market Capitalization as of 2021

Here, List of Top 10 Pharma Company in India.

Chart by Visualizer
Sr. No. Pharma Company Name Market Capitalization 2021  (Rs. Cr.)
1 Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. 144920.00 Cr.
2 Divis Laboratories Ltd. 96702.00 Cr.
3 Dr. Reddys Laboratories Ltd. 86601.00 Cr.
4 Cipla Ltd. 66416.00 Cr.
5 Aurobindo Pharma Ltd. 54861.00 Cr.
6 Biocon Ltd. 54810.00 Cr.
7 Cadila Healthcare Ltd. 49959.00 Cr.
8 Lupin Ltd. 49576.00 Cr.
9 Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 45912.00 Cr.
10 Alkem Laboratories Ltd. 37099.00 Cr.

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Best Pharma Companies in India

Here, list of pharma companies in India As per Revenue Rating.

Sr. No Best India Pharma Companies Name Rating As Per Revenue
1 Aurobindo Pharma 1.00 ⭐
2 Cipla 2.00 ⭐
3 Sun Pharma 3.00 ⭐
4 Dr Reddys Labs 4.00 ⭐
5 Lupin 5.00 ⭐
6 Glenmark 6.00 ⭐
7 Alkem Lab 7.00 ⭐
8 Cadila Health 8.00 ⭐
9 Torrent Pharma 9.00⭐
10 Divis Labs 10.00 ⭐

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Pharma Companies in Hyderabad

  • Divi’s Laboratories Ltd
  • Aurobindo Pharma Ltd
  • Sri Krishna Pharmaceuticals Limited
  • Dr Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd
  • Biological E. Limited

Pharma Companies in Bangalore

  • Lotus Labs Private Limited
  • Novo Nordisk India
  • Aurigene Discovery Technologies Limited
  • Terzetto Pharma Metrics
  • Bal Pharma Limited

Pharma Companies in Chennai

  • Medopharm Private Limited (Corporate Office)
  • Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries Ltd.
  • Tablets (India) Limited
  • Orchid Pharma Ltd
  • The Madras Pharmaceuticals

List of Top 10 Pharma Company in India

Here, list of Top Pharma Companies in India.

  • Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd
  • Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd
  • Divi’s Laboratories
  • Cipla
  • Aurobindo Pharma
  • Torrent Pharmaceuticals
  • Lupin Ltd
  • Zydus Cadila Healthcare
  • Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  • Abbott India

#1. Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd:

SUN PHARMA was founded in the year 1983 by Mr. Dilip Sanghvi (now, Managing Director of Sun Pharma) in Vapi, Gujarat, with the five products to treat psychiatry ailments.

SUN PHARMA is an Indian multinational pharmaceutical company and headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Sun Pharma is known for its manufacturing and selling of pharmaceutical formulations and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) basically in India and the USA.

The Sun Pharma firm supplies more than 2000 formulations as well as exports in various other nations also. The “Entrepreneur of the Year” Award by All India Management Association (AIMA) in 2017 was awarded to Sun Pharmaceuticals.

Sun Pharma provides major formulations in numerous therapeutic areas, such as diabetology, cardiology, gastroenterology, neurology, and psychiatry.

Sun Pharma also Provides Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) such as etodolac as NSAID, clorazepate, carbamazepine as anti-convulsant, and warfarin as blood diluters. It also provides peptides, sex hormones, anti-cancer drugs, steroids, controlled substances, etc.

Sun Pharma is one of the best companies among all top Pharma Companies in India.

After Acquiring RANBAXY to Sun Pharma in the year 2014, Sun Pharma became India’s top pharma company with around 32 000 employees (2019) and a net worth of US$390 million (2019).

Sun Pharma has many other joint ventures and acquisitions with many foreign companies.

Sun Pharma has more than 40 manufacturing unit plants all over the world. There are both formulation and API plants among the 40 units.

Manufacturing units are located in India, Brazil, Israel, Bangladesh, Canada, Mexico, Romania, the US, Egypt, Nigeria, South Africa, Hungary, Ireland, Morocco, and Malaysia. Sun products are sold in around 150 countries worldwide.

Features of Sun Pharmaceuticals:

  • World-class research and development facilities.
  • Own API’s

Founded 1983
Founder Dilip Shanghvi

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Area served


Key people

Dilip Shanghvi (managing director)
Products Pharmaceuticals, generic drugs
Revenue 30,091.4 crores INR (US$4.2 billion, 2019)

Number of employees

32,000 (2019)
Subsidiaries Ranbaxy Laboratories, Pharmalucence, Inc., etc

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#2. Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd:

Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories is a multinational pharmaceutical Firm based in Telangana, Hyderabad. Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd was started in the year 1984 by Anji Reddy.

Dr. Reddy’s Lab manufactures and markets a wide range of pharmaceuticals products in India and abroad. Dr. Reddy’s Lab has seven active manufacturing unit plants across India.

The firm has 190+ medications, 70+ pharmaceuticals, 60+ APIs for drug manufacturers, diagnostic kits, Critical Care, Biotechnology Products, and more.

Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd formed a joint venture with Biomed, made its first move, and expanded its operations to Russia in the year 1992. The firm has 10+ FDA approved plants all over India.

In the year 1987, Reddy’s launched Norilet, the company’s first recognized brand in India. Reddy Lab Ltd also became the first Indian company to export the active ingredients for pharmaceuticals to Europe.

Top active pharmaceutical ingredients from Dr.Reddy Pharma include atorvastatin, clopidogrel, losartan, ranitidine, Ramipril, and many others.

Reddy’s research focuses on large areas in western markets – cardiovascular, anti-diabetic, anti-cancer, and anti-infection drugs.

Founded 1984
Founder Kallam Anji Reddy
Headquarters Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Area served


Key people

G. V. Prasad (Co-Chairman & CEO)
Satish Reddy (Chairman)
Erez Israeli (Chief Operating Officer)
Saumen Chakraborty (Chief Financial Officer)
Revenue 17,460 crores INR (US$2.4 billion, 2019–2020)

Number of employees

21,966 (2019)

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#3. Divi’s Laboratories:

Divis Laboratories Ltd was started by Dr. Murali K. Div in the year 1990 with 2 manufacturing units. The company has headquartered in Hyderabad, Telangana, but It has manufacturing plants all over India, Asia, Europe, and the US. 

The company has a number of about 10000 employees in all plants, and It has Annual Sales is Rs. 4880 Cr. Divi’s has 3 manufacturing and 3 Research and development plants or units.

Divis Laboratory has 6 manufacturing plants in India, most of them are located in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh of India. Divi’s exports its products to nations like Europe, South Africa, the USA, Japan, the Philippines, and Australia.

Divi’s Laboratories Ltd is engaged with the manufacturing of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), Intermediates and Nutraceutical ingredients with predominance in export, and pharmaceutical compounds.

Divi’s is among the top pharmaceutical companies in India. 11,000+ highly trained professionals across departments and 350+ scientists at Divi’s work together to bring world-class products for customers.

Founder Murali Divi
Founded 1990
Headquarters Hyderabad
Number of employees 15000
Subsidiaries Divis Laboratories (USA), Inc., Divi’s Laboratories Europe AG

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#4. Cipla:

Cipla Pharma Ltd is an Indian multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology company. Cipla was founded in the year 1953 by Khwaja Abdul Hamied.

Cipla Pharma Ltd has 34 manufacturing units in 8 locations in India and a presence in over 80 countries with around 26000 employees and headquartered is located in Mumbai, India.

Cipla has a total sales of Rs 16362 Cr. and secures the fourth-largest position in the List of top ten pharma companies in India.

Cipla Ltd’s presence in the key markets of India, South Africa, the US, and other economies of the emerging world.

Features of Cipla:

  • The Company provides more than 2000 formulations.
  • The Company covers areas like neurology, nephrology, and diabetogenic.
  • The Company provides the best quality products.

Founded 1935
Founder Khwaja Abdul Hamied

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Area served


Key people

Y. K. Hamied, Chairman
Umang Vohra (CEO)
Products Pharmaceuticals and diagnostics
Revenue 17,476.19 crores INR (US$2.5 billion, 2020)

Number of employees

Subsidiaries Sitec Labs Pvt. Ltd., Cipla Health Limited, Meditab Specialities Pvt. Ltd., etc

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#5. Aurobindo Pharma:

Aurobindo Pharma Ltd is a pharmaceutical manufacturing company basically in Hyderabad-India. Aurobindo is among the top ten companies in India. 

Aurobindo Pharma Ltd was founded in the year 1986 by P.V. Ramprasad Reddy and K. Nityanand Reddy and headquartered is located in HITEC City, Hyderabad, India.

Aurobindo Pharma has a presence in therapeutic areas such as cardiovascular, neurosciences, anti-diabetics, and anti-biotics, anti-retroviral, gastroenterology, and cephalosporins.

Aurobindo Pharma was started operations in 1988-89 with a single unit manufacturing Semi-Synthetic Penicillin at Pondicherry.

Aurobindo Pharma plans to expand its product to high-value products in hormones biosimilars, oncology, and novel drug delivery solutions like depot patches, inhalers, injections, and films.

Features of Aurobindo Pharma:

  • Multi-product portfolio
  • Huge product Range
  • World-class R&D facilities

Founded 1986
Founder P. V. Ramprasad Reddy, K. Nityananda Reddy

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Area served

Organic Intermediates

Key people

Y. K. Hamied, Chairman
Umang Vohra (CEO)
Products Pharmaceuticals and diagnostics
Revenue 13,650 crores INR (US$1.9 billion, 2017)

Number of employees

19,000 (March 2017)
Subsidiaries Aurobindo Pharma USA, Novagen Pharma (pty) Ltd. AuroZymes Limited, etc

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#6. Torrent Pharmaceuticals:

Torrent Pharma Ltd. is the flagship Company of Torrent Group, and it is one of the leading pharma companies in India.

Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd. was promoted by U.N Mehta and is headquartered located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Torrent Pharma has 2000 registered products in 40+ countries worldwide.

Torrent Pharma Limited has a significant presence in the therapeutic areas of Oncology, Diabetology, Pain Management, Gynecology, Anti-Infective, Cardiovascular (CV), Central Nervous System (CNS), Gastrointestinal (GI), Women Healthcare (WHC).

Torrent Pharma is ramping up is a pipeline with products like ophthalmic, oral liquids, oncology, and ointments & creams. Torrent Pharma key products such as calcium Carbonate along with Losartan, Vitamin D3, Rosuvastatin.

Torrent Pharma first-class manufacturing centers, advanced R & D capabilities, an extensive domestic network, and a prevalent global presence in more than 40 nations.

Founded 1959
Founder Uttambhai Nathalal Mehta
Headquarters Ahmedabad, India

Key people

Sudhir Mehta, Samir Mehta
Revenue Rs. 7673 Cr (March 2019)

Number of employees

14550 (2019)
Subsidiaries Heumann Pharma GmbH & Co. Generica KG, Bio-Pharm, Inc. ZYG Pharma Pvt. Ltd., etc

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#7. Lupin Ltd:

Lupin Pharma Limited is a multinational pharmaceutical company founded in the year 1968 by Desh Bandhu Gupta. Lupin Limited is also one of the best Pharma Companies in India, and Headquartered is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. 

Lupin is the 12th largest company by market capitalization and the 8th largest generic pharmaceutical company by revenue globally.

Lupin is a worldwide pharmaceutical company offering a large range of products such as Branded & Generic Formulations, Biotechnology Products, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), Specialty, etc. 

Lupin has net sales of Rs 16718 Cr. Lupin manufacturing facilities centers are spread across India, the USA, Japan, Mexico, and Brazil.

Lupin is a significant player in the treatment areas of Paediatric, Cardiovascular, Gynaecology, Diabetology, Anti-Infective (AI), Gastro-Intestinal (GI), Asthma, Central Nervous System (CNS), and Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs).

Lupin Pharma also holds a worldwide leadership position in the Cephalosporins sectors and Anti-TB. Lupin pharma presence in 100+ countries, It offers high-quality and affordable medicines for some of the most chronic diseases addressing unmet demands in many parts of the worldwide.

Features of Lupin Pharmaceuticals:

  • The company provides a huge array of products.
  • Lupin Pharmaceuticals produces effective API’s.

Founded 1968
Founder Desh Bandhu Gupta

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Key people

Vinita D. Gupta, Chief Executive Officer; Nilesh Gupta, Managing director Dr Kamal Sharma, Vice Chairman
Products Pharmaceuticals, branded and generic drugs,
Revenue $2.55 billion USD (2016-2017)

Number of employees

Subsidiaries Lupin Pharmaceuticals, Inc. , Kyowa Pharmaceutical Industry Co. Ltd, I’rom Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., Pharma Dynamics, Multicare Pharmaceuticals, Generic Health Pte. Ltd. Hormosan Pharma GmbH Nanomi B.V., Laboratorios Grin, Medquimica, Biocom Russia, Temmer Germany

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#8. Zydus Cadila Healthcare:

Zydus Cadila Healthcare Limited (also known as Cadila) is an Indian pharmaceutical company and its headquartered in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

Zydus Cadila was founded in the year 1950 by Ramanbhai Patel, formerly a lecturer in the L.M. College of Pharmacy. Cadila is one of the largest healthcare pharmaceuticals in India, with annual revenue of Rs. 119.05 billion and ranks 4th in the Indian pharmaceutical industry.

In India, Zydus has research and development facilities are in Maharashtra, Goa, Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, and Sikkim. It also has a research center in Brazil and the USA.

In Zydus Innovation program is led by 1300 researchers across 19 sites, working on distinguished medicines. Zydus Ltd is the manufacturing of generic drugs.

The team of Zydus is exploring various ideas and concepts, constantly innovating from biosimilars, NCEs to vaccines, and specific niche technologies.

Zydus Cadila Ltd has a strong presence in the regulated markets of Europe (France and Spain), the United States, as well as in the high profile markets of Latin America and South Africa.

Zydus Cadila Healthcare Limited provides total healthcare solutions range from active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), formulations, and animal healthcare products.


Founded 1952
Founder Ramanbhai Patel
Headquarters Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Key people

Pankaj R. Patel, Chairman, Sharvil P. Patel, Managing Director
Revenue 7,104.3 crores INR (US$1.0 billion, 2019)

Number of employees

13180 (2015)
Subsidiaries Zydus Wellness, German Remedies Private Ltd. Sentynl Therapeutics Inc., etc

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#9. Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd:

Glenmark Pharma Limited was founded by Gracias Saldanha in the year 1977 as an active pharmaceutical ingredient and the generic drug manufacturer. Glenmark Pharma Ltd Company is headquartered in Mumbai.

Glenmark is engaged in the discovery of new molecules, both NBEs (New Biological Entity) and NCEs (New Chemical Entity).

Glenmark has 17 manufacturing facilities and 5 R&D centers in India. It has 12000+ employees worldwide. Glenmark Pharmaceuticals is a global pharmaceutical company. 

It has made an achievement in finding drugs and biosimilars in the fields of Dermatology, Oncology, Cancer, and Respiratory Issues.

Glenmark also entered the exclusive licensing agreement with Australia’s Sequirus to commercialize its nasal spray Ryaltris (a fixed combinations of antihistamine and a steroid) for the treatment of seasonal allergic rhinitis (SAR).


Founded 1977
Founders Gracias Saldanha

Mumbai, India

Area served


Key people

Glenn Saldanha, MD & Chairman
Products Medicines and vaccines

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#10. Abbott India:

Abbott Laboratories is a health care company and American medical devices with headquarters in the Abbott Park Business Center in Lake Bluff, Illinois, United States.

Abbott India Limited was started in the year of 1944 and is headquartered in Mumbai. It is a publicly listed company and its subsidiary of Abbott Laboratories (US).

Abbott India manufactures high-quality and trusted medicines in many therapeutic categories such as Neurology, Thyroid, Women’s Health, Gastroenterology, Urology, Pain Management, Diabetes, Anti-Infectives, Cardiology, Metabolic Disorders, and Primary Care.

Abbott is one of the fastest-growing pharma top 10 companies in India.

Abbott Laboratories has brought breakthrough products in branded generic pharmaceuticals, medical devices, diagnostics, and nutrition.

Founder Dr. Wallace Calvin Abbott
Founded 1944
Headquarters Mumbai
Number of employees 2,600
Parent organizations  Abbott Laboratories

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