Top 10 Solar Panel Manufacturers in India


List of Top 20+ Best Solar Companies in India

Here, a list of top solar companies in india.

Sr. No. Solar Panel Manufacturers Name
1 Vikram Solar Private Limited
2 Tata Power Solar
3 Waaree Energies Limited
 4 EMMVEE Solar Technology
5 Alpex Exports Pvt. Limited
6 RenewSys India Private Limited
7 Moser Baer Solar Limited
8 HHV Solar Technologies Private Limited
9 XL Energy Limited
10 Lanco Solar Private Limited
11 Adani solar
12 Patanjali Renewable Energy Pvt Ltd
13 Navitas Green energy
14 Satvik green energy
15 Indo Solar
16 Goldi Green Solar
17 Loom Solar
18 Canadian Solar
19 REC Solar
20 Jinko Solar
21 Trina Solar

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List of Top Solar Panels Companies in India with Website

Here, the list of solar panel company in India.

Sr. No. Solar Panel Brand Name Website
1 Adani solar
2 Vikram Solar Private Limited
3 Tata Power Solar
4 Waaree Energies Limited
5 EMMVEE Solar Technology
6 RenewSys India Private Limited
7 Moser Baer Solar Limited
8 Loom Solar
9 XL Energy Limited
10 HHV Solar Technologies Private Limited

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List of Top Solar Panel Manufacturers in the World

Here, a list of the Top Solar Companies in the World.

Rank Solar Panel Manufacturers Name Headquarters
1 Jinko Solar China
2 JA Solar China
3 Trina Solar China
4 LONGi Solar China
5 Canadian Solar Canada
6 Hanwha Q-CELLS South Korea
7 Risen Energy China
8 GCL-SI Hong Kong
9 Yingli China
10 First Solar USA

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List of Top Solar Panel Manufacturers in India with Capacity

Here, list of the solar panels manufacturer in India.

Rank # Panel Manufacturer Manufacturing Capacity
#1 Vikram Solar Private Limited 1 GW
#2 Adani solar 1 GW
#3 Satvik green energy 500 MW
#4 Indo Solar 500 MW
#5 Waaree Energies Limited 500 MW
#6 EMMVEE Solar Technology 500 MW
#7 Tata Power Solar 400 MW
#8 RenewSys India Private Limited 280 MW
#9 Moser Baer Solar Limited 250 MW
#10 Navitas Green energy 200 MW
#11 XL Energy Limited 192 MW
#12 Loom Solar 175 MW

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List of Top 10 Solar Panel Companies in the World with Revenue

Here, list of the solar cell manufacturers in World.

Sr. No. Solar Panel Companies Name Revenue in Million U.S. dollars
1 Jinko Solar  $  3,642.30
2 JA Solar  $  2,821.00
3 Trina Solar  $  3,035.51
4 LONGi Solar  $  2,378.87
5 Canadian Solar  $  3,744.51
6 Hanwha Q-CELLS  $  2,188.90
7 Risen Energy  $  1,560.00
8 GCL-SI  $  1,627.04
9 Yingli  $  1,285.48
10 First Solar  $  2,244.04
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List of Top 10 Solar Panel Companies in India with Revenue

Here, list of the solar system manufacturer in India.

Sr. No. Solar Panel Manufacturers Name Revenue (Rs. Cr.)
1 Adani solar 27,841.81 Cr.
2 Tata Power Solar 2,262.00 Cr.
3 Vikram Solar Private Limited 1,894.00 Cr.
4 EMMVEE Solar Technology 422.19 Cr.
5 Waaree Energies Limited 400.00 Cr.
6 Indo Solar 257.68 Cr.
7 Moser Baer Solar Limited 200.00 Cr.
8 RenewSys India Private Limited 139.81 Cr.
9 Navitas Green Energy 88.00 Cr.
10 Satvik Green Energy 36.79 Cr.
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Best Solar Company in India

Here, list of the solar power companies in India.

Sr. No Best Solar Panel Brands Name Rating As Per Revenue
1 Adani Solar 1.00 ⭐
2 Tata Power Solar 2.00 ⭐
3 Vikram Solar Private Limited 3.00 ⭐
4 EMMVEE Solar Technology 4.00 ⭐
5 Waaree Energies Limited 5.00 ⭐
6 Indo Solar 6.00 ⭐
7 Moser Baer Solar Limited 7.00 ⭐
8 RenewSys India Private Limited 8.00 ⭐
9 Navitas Green Energy 9.00⭐
10 Satvik Green Energy 10.00 ⭐

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List of Top 10 Solar Panel Manufacturers in India

Here, list of the solar energy companies in India.

  • Adani solar
  • Vikram Solar Private Limited
  • Tata Power Solar
  • Waaree Energies Limited
  • EMMVEE Solar Technology
  • RenewSys India Private Limited
  • Moser Baer Solar Limited
  • Loom Solar
  • XL Energy Limited
  • HHV Solar Technologies Private Limited

#1. Adani solar (Best Solar Panel in India)

Adani Solar company under by Adani group founded by Gautam Adani. Adani Solar is India’s first and biggest vertically integrated solar company, and they offer a product with the services across the spectrum of photovoltaics manufacturing.

Adani Solar Headquartered located at Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Adani Solar Power is India’s largest private thermal power producer, with a capacity of 12,410 MW.

Adani Solar Power was ranked as the 73rd largest company in India in the Fortune India 500 list of 2018.

The company has long-term PPAs of about 9,153 MW with the help of the government of Haryana, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Punjab.

Adani Solar is the Solar PV manufacturing and EPC arm of Adani Group, one of India’s largest business conglomerates with Resources. Logistics, Energy, Agri, and ancillary industries.

Key Achievements of Adani Solar:

  • Adani Solar Power modules manufacturing capacity and photovoltaic cell of 1.5 GW at Mundra, Gujarat.
  • Projects over 250 MW commissioned.
  • Over 400 MW under execution
  • Adani Solar Power is the fastest growing rooftop and distributed solar EPC Company.

Head office:
Adani Solar, India
2nd floor – South Wing, Shantigram
Ahmedabad – 382421, Gujarat, India

#2. Vikram Solar Private Limited

Vikram Solar was established in the year 2006 by Gyanesh Chaudhary. Vikram Solar Pvt. Ltd. offer polycrystalline, monocrystalline and half-cut solar panels in 144 cells, 72 cells, and 60 cells option. Products are 

Vikram Solar has a strong intesolar system manufacturer in indiarnational presence. Vikram Solar deploys world-class technology to install, design, and commission benchmark solar projects worldwide. So, It is definitely one of the best solar panel manufacturers in India.

Vikram Solar has more than 750 MW+ of solar projects (including ongoing projects) all over India.

Vikram Solar major projects are:

  • 160,000 ground-mounted solar panel modules are generating 50 MW in Mandsaur, Madhya Pradesh.
  • 440,000 ground-mounted solar panel modules are generating 130MW in Bhadla, Rajasthan.
  • Installation of 40 MW capacity solar PV power plant containing 194,400 modules in Kachaliya, Madhya Pradesh.

Vikram Solar Limited (formerly known as Vikram Solar Pvt. Ltd.) is a globally leading solar energy solutions provider and specializing in high-efficiency comprehensive EPC solutions and PV module manufacturing.

Key Achievements of Vikram Solar:

  • 10 kW floating solar plant in Kolkata.
  • Solar Panel Manufacturing 1 GW annual production capacity
  • Second largest in the top 10 solar panel manufacturers in India according to revenue also.
  • In February 2004, Vikram Solar was India’s only Tier 1 PV module manufacturer, to Bloomberg New Energy Finance
  • Produces high-efficiency polycrystalline and mono PV modules
  • 1355MW* + of Solar Projects in India and Abroad.

Head office:
The Chambers, 8th Floor, 1865,
Rajdanga Main Road,
Kolkata – 700107, West Bengal, India
Toll-free: 1800 212 8200 (India only)
Phone: +91 33 4003 0408 / 0409, +91 33 2442 7299 / 7399
Fax: +91 33 2442 0125
Email: [email protected]

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#3. Tata Power Solar

Tata Solar Power was established in the year of 1989. Tata solar Power is no.1 in rooftop solar panels manufacturing since the last 6 years. Tata Solar has one of the oldest and biggest solar panel manufacturing brand in India.

Tata Solar Power manufactures of Solar Cells, Solar Modules, and other Solar products along with EPC Services for solar power projects.

Tata Solar Power has completed the below projects:

  • 5.4 GW+ projects.
  • 425 MW+ rooftop projects commissioned.
  • 25000 solar water pumps.
  • 1.8 GW solar modules shipped worldwide.

Tata Solar Power presence in commercial, industrial, both off-grid and on-grid solar projects, and also in residential segments.

Some of Tata Power major projects include:

  • 10 MW project commissioned by Jindal Aluminum Limited.
  • 17 MW Mithapur solar power plant to power 15 million homes per year.
  • 3 MW solar farm designed to provide energy for over 2 million homes in the local community.

Key Achievements of Tata Power Solar:

  • Tata Power Solar has commissioned an 820.8 kWp solar rooftop at the Cricket Club of India (CCI) in Mumbai.
  • In February 2017, Tata Power Solar became the first Indian company to ship over 1 GW solar modules worldwide.
  • Tata Power Solar is the first solar panel manufacturer in India to export over 1 GW of solar modules.
  • Tata Power Solar has expanded module manufacturing capacity by 100% to 400 MW.
  • Tata Power Solar has expanded cell manufacturing capacity by 65% to 300 MW.

Head office:
2nd Floor, The Tata Power Company Limited,
Corporate Centre B, 34 Sant Tukaram Road,
Carnac Bunder, Mumbai – 400 009

#4. Waaree Energies Limited

Waree Energies Limited is a flagship company of Waaree Group. Waaree Energies Ltd. was established in the year 1989 and its headquarters in Mumbai, India.

Waaree Energies is India’s biggest and largest Solar PV Module manufacturing capacity of 2 GW at its plants in Umbergaon and Surat in Gujarat.

Warree Energies offers monocrystalline, polycrystalline, with PERC technology, and also even light weight and flexible solar panels. Waaree Energies is one of the finest Indian solar panel manufacturing companies.

Waaree Energies has a presence in 250+ locations across India and 68+ countries internationally, so that waaree energies is considered as one of the best top players in providing Project Development, EPC services, Solar Water Pumps, and Rooftop Solutions.

Waaree Energies are providing services in over 350 locations nationally and 68 countries internationally.

Key Achievements of Waaree Solar:

  • Waaree Energies has a Solar rooftop for Reliance Mumbai metro.
  • Waaree Energies has won “National excellency award” in the year 2016 by the government of India.
  • Waaree has a 500 MW PV Module manufacturing capacity.
  • Waaree Energies Complete 3,000+ successful solar projects globally.
  • Waaree Energies Manufactures offers monocrystalline and polycrystalline PV modules ranging from 3Wp to 400Wp for both on-grid and off-grid applications.

Head office:
Off. Western Express Highway,
Borivali(East) Mumbai – 400066,
Maharashtra, India
Phone:022 – 66444444
Email:[email protected]

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#5. EMMVEE Solar Technology

EMMVEE Solar was established in the year 1992 and headquartered in Bengaluru and sales offices across India and Germany.

EMMVEE solar heating systems have grown to be the biggest manufacturer of solar water heating systems in India and probably in Asia.

EMMVEE’s major projects include:

  • 2 MW EPC project for MLR Industries
  • 11.4 MW Solar PV power park in Bronkow, Germany.

EMMVEE solar is expertise in the development of large scale EPC and project in Europe and India. They have successfully commissioned and installed solar 13 MW rooftop, and 140 + MW ground mounted in India, and PV projects 14 MW in North of Germany.

EMMVEE units are capable of producing water tanks ranging from 100 liters to 3,000 liters suitable for industrial and residential purposes. EMMVEE sold over 5,50,000 solar heating systems mounting over 6,90,000 m2 installation area.

Key Achievements of EMMVEE Solar:

  • EMMVEE Solar has a PV module manufacturing capacity of 500 MW as of 2016 at their state-of-the-art plant in Bangalore, India.
  • EMMVEE Solar has won “Consumer Choice Awards 2017”.
  • During Renewable Energy India Awards 2016, EMMVEE Solar Awarded by “Leading RE Manufacturers-Solar”.
  • In January 2018, EMMVEE commissioned a 40 MW plant with 132,000 polycrystalline modules.

Head Office:
Emmvee Solar Systems Private Limited
#13/1, International Airport Road,
Bettahalasur Post,
Bengaluru – 562 157, India

#6. RenewSys India Private Limited

RenewSys solar is the renewable energy arm of the ENPEE Group, a diversified global conglomerate with a heritage of 60 years of manufacturing excellence.

RenewSys Solar is the first integrated manufacturer of Solar PV Modules, and Renewsys solar key components are  Backsheets, Encapsulants (EVA & POE), and Solar PV Cells.

Renewsys is Supplying its product to over 40+ countries worldwide. RenewSys has its presence across all over the world like India, Nigeria, Singapore, UAE, China, Mauritius, South Africa, and representative offices in the USA, Europe, and Mexico, and an evolving distributor network.

RenewSys has two manufacturing facilities in India:

  1. Bengaluru – Backsheets – 3 GW; EVA and POE – 1.4 GW;
  2. Hyderabad – Solar PV Cells – 130 MW; Solar PV Modules – 750 MW

Key Achievements of Renewsys:

  • Renewsys solar current solar module production capacity is 280 MW.
  • RenewSys is the first to launch the production of 5 BB solar cells.
  • Renewsys solar has a 200,000 sq. ft. manufacturing plant with a solar cell capacity of 130 MW and solar module capacity of 180 MW.
  • Renewsys solar Bengaluru plant manufactures PV back sheet film with a 1.8 GW capacity and manufactures POE & EVA encapsulants with a 1.2 GW capacity.

Head Office:
98, Jolly Maker Chambers No. 2,
225, Nariman Point,
Mumbai – 400 021, Maharashtra, India.
Tel.: +91-22-68100500
Email: [email protected]

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#7. Moser Baer Solar Limited

Moser Baer Solar Limited started in the year 1983 as India’s leading technology companies. Moser Bear India Ltd (MBIL), headquartered in New Delhi.

Moser Bear foray into this happened between 2005-2007, and since 2007 they have taken a position in Solar Solar PV Modules and Solar EPC Services.

Moser Bear has two subsidiaries have given below that are involved in the solar business and have a presence all over the world also include in India:

  • Moser Baer Solar Limited (MBSL)
  • Moser Baer Photo Voltaic Ltd (MBPV)

The company has two very famous products for home use that are given below:

  • The Solar Lantern
  • The Solar Home Lighting Kit.

Moser Bear total capacity at current efficiency levels is 250MW split technology-wise as below:

  • Crystalline Cells – 185 MW
  • Crystalline Modules – 200 MW
  • Thin Film Modules – 50 MW

Key Achievements of Moser Bear Solar:

  • Moser Bear Solar’s current capacity is 250 MW.
  • Moser Bear Solar presence in over 82+ countries.
  • Moser Bear Solar gives a 25-year solar panel warranty.

Head Office:
43B, Okhla Industrial Estate,
Phase – 3, New Delhi – 110020.
Fax : +91-11-41635211, 26911860
Tel. : +91-11-40594444, 26911570 / 74
Toll-Free Customer Care No. 18001028219

#8. Loom Solar

Loom Solar Pvt. Ltd. was started in the year 2018 by Amol and Amod Anand, and It has one of the best fastest-growing solar panel manufacturers in India.

Loom Solar Pvt. Ltd. is an AC Module manufacturer and monocrystalline solar panel based in Faridabad, Haryana.

Loom Solar has won the prestigious silver and gold award in the 11th Annual 2019 of the “Golden Bridge Business and Innovation Award” in the USA.

Loom Solar is having a manufacturing capacity of 100 MW. Loom Solar manufacture 10 watts to 340 watt solar PV modules in polycrystalline and monocrystalline technology.

  • Market Share –  20% in Residential Rooftop
  • Revenue – 100 Cr.

Key Achievements of Loom Solar:

  • Loom Solar launched the world’s first IoT-based solar AC module 2020.
  • Loom Solar is the fastest-growing “SMB award” by Amazon for the year 2019.
  • Loom Solar’s network of 1,500+ re-sellers in India to deliver solar panels within 3 to 5 days of order.

Head Office:
Loom Solar Pvt. Ltd.
Plot No. 14/6 Mathura Road, Sector 27B,
Faridabad, Haryana -121003

#9. XL Energy Limited

XL Energy was a private company in the year 1985 but became Pvt. Ltd. in the year 1990. XL Energy has 17+ years of experience manufacturing its Solar Photovoltaic Modules and systems for various agencies in India.

XL Energy recently started their own automated module manufacturing line, with types of equipment from top European companies.

Some of XL Energy’s major clients are given below:

  • Indian Railways.
  • India’s Departments of Defense.
  • Isolux in Spain.
  • LT Trade International in Italy.
  • Mandik Corporation in the Czech Republic.

Key Achievements of XL Energy:

  • XL Energy delivers 75+ MW of solar modules all over the world.
  • XL Energy solar module production’s current capacity is 192 MW per year.
  • XL Energy solar current crystalline cell production is 120 MW with plans to expand to 232 MW per year.
  • XL Energy is one of India’s leading end to end solar power solution provider since 1992.

Head Office:
19-66/11/D-4, Laxmipuram Colony,
Opp: A.S. Rao Nagar, ECIL,
Kapra, Medchal Malkajgiri,
Hyderabad – 500062. (T.S.)
Phone: +91-40-2714 5317 (30 Lines)
Fax: +91-40-2788 3344, or 2784 0081

#10. HHV Solar Technologies Private Limited

HHV Solar technologies are a part of the SWELECT Group of Companies and are headquartered in Bangalore.

SWELECT Energy (formerly known as Numeric Power Systems Limited) is one of the best leading Solar Power Systems companies in the global market for 35+ years.

SWELECT has also received certification for the “Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)” for Solar PV Modules, including the high-efficiency PERC modules.

SWELECT operates a 140 MW class 100,000, clean-room, dust-free, world-class PV module HHV Solar Technologies (HST) manufacturing plant with an R&D facility at Bangalore.

SWELECT’s manufacturing facilities for Servo Stabilizers, Solar PCUs, Solar PV Modules, AJBs, Structural and Electrical Balance of Systems (BOS) such as Module Mounting Structures (MMS), etc.

SWELECT is recognized as ‘Tier-1 Solar PV Module Manufacturer’ by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF).

  • 140 Manufacturing Capacity (MW)
  • 150 Installation base (MW)
  • 9000 Total Installation

Some of HHV’s major projects are given below:

  • 10 MW DCR project in Tamil Nadu.
  • 100 kWp grid in Tamil Nadu.
  • 152 kWp grid at IIT in Kanpur.
  • A rooftop project at the parliament house in New Delhi.

Key Achievements of HHV Solar:

  • HHV Solar currently capacity sits at 100 MW
  • HHV Solar exports to the UK, the USA, and Australia
  • HHV Solar has multiple configurations of 36, 60, or 72 cells
  • HHV Solar has a wide power range of 240 W to 325 W

Head Office:
No. 5, Sir P. S. Sivasamy Salai,
Mylapore, Chennai – 600 004,
India. Phone: 044 2499 3266
Email.: [email protected]

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