Top 10 Best Plywood Brands in India

Plywood plays an important role in Offices, Building Homes, Furniture, Constructions, etc., we have the best pick of plywood brands most trusted ones among the professionals in this sector.

These Plywood are verified and certified by standard organizations like Indian Standard Organization (ISO), Indian Standards Bureau (BIS), Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS).

What Is Standard Plywood Sizes?

A common size of the plywood sheet is 4 x 8 feet. Utility plywood is available in longer sheets, measuring 4 x 10 feet. Hardwood plywood is available in a common size and also available in sizes 4 x 4 feet, 2 x 4 feet, and 2 x 2 feet.

Types of Plywood

  • Hardwood
  • Softwood
  • Aircraft Plywood
  • Tropical Plywood
  • Flexible Plywood
  • Decorative Plywood
  • Fire Retardant Plywood
  • Marine Plywood

How to Choose Right Plywood Brand

  • Check Correct Brand Logo.
  • Check Correct Grade of the Plywood.
  • Check Specifications and Type of Plywood on the Label.
  • Check Quality Standards such as BIS/ ISO/OHSAS Logo and Hallmark.
  • Check Possible Damages, Worn out Edges, or Cracks on the entire Body of the Plywood.

List of Top 20 Plywood Companies in India As Per Establishment Year

Here, list of top 20 plywood brands in India.

Sr. No. Plywood Brand Name Establishment Year
1 National Plywood Industries Limited 1951
2 Sarda Plywood 1957
3 Bansal Sales Corporation Pvt. Ltd. 1963
4 Crownply Plywoods 1970
5 Merino Laminates 1974
6 Kitply Plywood 1982
7 Krishna Plywoods 1984
8 Alpro Panels 1986
9 Century Ply Laminates 1986
10 Arora Timber Corporation 1986
11 Greenply Industries Limited 1993
12 Akplywoods 1994
13 Alishan Plywood 1995
14 Woodstock Laminates Ltd. 1995
15 Samrat Plywood Limited 1996
16 Indiana plywood industries 1996
17 Mayur Plywood 1998
18 sylvan plywood 2009
19 Sound of Silence 2010
20 Apex match 2010

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List of Top 15+ Best Plywood Brand in India As Per Local Area

Here, list of plywood companies in India.

Sr. No. Best Plywood Brand Local Area
1 Samrat Plywood Limited Chandigarh, India
2 Bansal Sales Corporation Pvt. Ltd. Delhi, India
3 Akplywoods Karnataka – India
4 Kitply Plywood Kolkata, India
5 Alishan Plywood Kolkata, India
6 Indiana plywood industries Madhya Pradesh, India
7 Alpro Panels New Delhi, India
8 Greenply Industries Limited New Delhi, India
9 Woodstock Laminates Ltd. New Delhi, India
10 Arora Timber Corporation New Delhi, India
11 Krishna Plywoods Tamil Nadu, India
12 Glam Ply & Décor Tamil Nadu, India
13 Crownply Plywoods Tamil Nadu, India
14 National Plywood Industries Limited West Bengal, India
15 Century Ply Laminates West Bengal, India
16 Mayur Plywood West Bengal, India

List of Top 10 Best Plywood Brands in India As Per Annual Turnover

Here, list of top 10 plywood companies in India.

Sr. No. Best Plywood Company Name Annual Turnover (Rs. Cr.)
1 Century Ply Laminates 2,293.76 Cr.
2 Greenply Industries Limited 1,273.87 Cr.
3 Samrat Plywood Limited 80.00 Cr.
4 Alishan Plywood 78.56 Cr.
5 Kitply Plywood 87.47 Cr.
6 Bansal Sales Corporation Pvt. Ltd. 42.45 Cr.
7 National Plywood Industries Limited 39.82 Cr.
8 Indiana Plywood industries 25.00 Cr.
9 Woodstock Laminates Ltd. 19.45 Cr.
10 Crownply Plywoods 17.05 Cr.

Chart by Visualizer

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Best Plywood in India

Here, list of plywood brand name list as per rating of revenue.

Sr. No

Best Plywood in India

Rating As Per Revenue
1 Century Ply Laminates 1.00 ⭐
2 Greenply Industries Limited 2.00 ⭐
3 Samrat Plywood Limited 3.00 ⭐
4 Alishan Plywood 4.00 ⭐
5 Kitply Plywood 5.00 ⭐
6 Bansal Sales Corporation Pvt. Ltd. 6.00 ⭐
7 National Plywood Industries Limited 7.00 ⭐
8 Indiana Plywood industries 8.00 ⭐
9 Woodstock Laminates Ltd. 9.00⭐
10 Crownply Plywoods 10.00 ⭐

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List of Top 10 Best Plywood Brands in India

Here, list of Top 10 Plywood Brands in India.

  • Century Ply Laminates
  • Greenply Industries Limited
  • Samrat Plywood Limited
  • Alishan Plywood
  • Kitply Plywood
  • Bansal Sales Corporation Pvt. Ltd.
  • National Plywood Industries Limited
  • Indiana plywood industries
  • Woodstock Laminates Ltd.
  • Crownply Plywoods

#1. Century Ply Laminates

Century Ply Laminates refers as one of the best leading supplier, exporter, and manufacturer of Plywood in India also get ISO 9002 certification for Plywood and veneer. Century Plywood is best plywood in India.

Century Ply Laminates was established in the year 1986 by Mr. Sajjan Bhajanka and Mr. Sanjay Agarwal. That is located at Bishnupur Kolkata.

Century Ply Laminates manufacture Veneers, Fiberboard MDF Boards, Laminates Plywood, and Laminate Sheets. Century Ply Laminates is best waterproof plywood India.

As per the 4P Survey 2010, Century Ply is the top 100 most valuable brands of India. Century Ply Brand export their products in 21+ countries globally.

Bollywood celebrities Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan, endorsed Century Ply and recently, Nana Patekar is the Brand Ambassador of Century Ply.

Century Ply has 6 manufacturing units across India, which are in Uttarakhand, Gujarat, Punjab, Assam, West Bengal, and Pondicherry.

Product Range of Century Ply Laminates

  • Plywood
    • Centuryply Club Prime Plywood
    • Centuryply Club Architect Plywood
    • Centuryply Club Marine Plywood
    • Kleanwud
    • Centuryply Elasto
    • Sharonply Board
    • Century Win MR
    • Technopine
    • Fire Safe Plywood
  • Blockboards
    • Century Club Prime Block Board
    • Sainik Block Board
    • Maxima Block Board
    • Kleanwud Block Board
    • Technopine Block Board
    • Century Blockboards
    • Centuryply 710 Block Board
  • Century Prelam
    • Century-MDF Board
    • Century Prelam

Century Waterproof Plywood Price List

Thickness Dimension Type Price (Per Sq. Ft)
25 8×4 Boiling Waterproof Rs. 121.43 + GST
19 8×4 Boiling Waterproof Rs. 80.00 + GST
16 8×4 Boiling Waterproof Rs. 69.50 + GST
12 8×4 Boiling Waterproof Rs. 56.00 + GST
9 8×4 Boiling Waterproof Rs. 45.00 + GST
6 8×4 Boiling Waterproof Rs. 38.00 + GST
4 8×4 Boiling Waterproof Rs. 29.00 + GST
Annual Turnover Rs. 1000 – 5000 Crore
Year of Establishment 1986
Total Number of Employees
Address 6, Lyons Range, Kolkata-700001, West Bengal, India

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#2. Greenply Industries Limited

Greenply Industries is one of the best leading interior infrastructure companies in India. Greenply Industries Limited, established by Mr. S.P Mittal in the year 1993.

Greenply Industries Limited’s annual turnover is Rs.2000 crores, with its main offices in New Delhi and Kolkata.

Greenply Industries Limited has a wide area covering 300+ cities across 21+ states of the country through a well-entrenched distribution network of 2500 dealers and 10,000 retailers, and more than 48 branches all over the country.

Greenply industries limited is especially known for manufacturing MDF Boards and Plywood.

Greenply has 4 manufacturer plants in India, which are located in Rajkot-Gujarat, Tizit-Nagaland, Kolkata-West Bengal, Rudrapur-Uttarakhand, and one in West Africa.

Greenply offers a product like Restroom Cubicles, Decorative Veneers, Decorative Laminates, and Medium destiny fiber brands.

Product Range of Greenply Industries Limited

  • PVC Products.
  • Speciality Plywood.
  • Plywood & Blockboard.
  • Doors.
  • Decorative Veneers.
  • PVC Products.
  • Speciality Plywood.
  • Plywood & Blockboard.
Annual Turnover Rs. 1000 – 5000 Crore
Year of Establishment 1993
Total Number of Employees
Address 1601 Narayan Manjil 23, Near Barakhamba Metro Station, Barakhamba Road, New Delhi-110001, Delhi, India

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#3. Samrat Plywood Limited

Samrat Plywood Limited has a leader in the laminates and plywood market. Samrat Mica and Plywood were established in the year 1987. Headquartered is located in Chandigarh. And its modern manufacturing facilities in Himachal Pradesh.

Since 1987, Samrat Plywood Limited has offered innovative designs and products to customers from various sectors such as the real-state market, furniture market, flooring market, and modular kitchen market.

Plant of Samrat manufactures HPL sheets of various thicknesses, and it has 1 lac sq. ft. per month production capacity.

Currently, Samrat Plywood Limited is exporting its product to Malaysia and plan to expand further. Samrat Plywood Limited’s range of products is blockboards, Plywood, decoration veneers, flush doors, shuttering, and commercial Plywood.

The market of Plywood and laminates is growing due to the increasing demand of the housing market and construction industry.

Product Range of Samrat Plywood Limited

  • Plywood.
  • Samrat Power Ply.
  • Calibrated Ply.
  • Samrat Platinum Gurjan Ply.
  • Samrat Gold BWP Grade Ply.
  • MR Plywood.
  • Shuttering Plywood.
  • MR Block Board.
Annual Turnover Rs. 50 – 100 Crore
Year of Establishment 1996
Total Number of Employees 2000
Address 182/11, Industrial Area, Phase 1, Industrial Area Phase 1, Chandigarh-160002, India

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#4. Alishan Plywood

Alishan Plywood and Veneer Pvt. Ltd. is one of the best plywood company in India started under the ministry of corporate affairs on 31 March 1995.

Alishan Plywood and Veneer Pvt. Ltd. Company has also listed underclass as a private organization. Alishan Plywood and Veneer Pvt. Ltd. are a registration number or limited liability partnership as 70715.

Alishan Plywood and Veneer Pvt. Ltd. Company is a non-govt company, and further, Alishan Plywood and Veneer Pvt. Ltd. Company is classified as a company limited by shares.

Product Range of Alishan Plywood

  • Alishan Crystal Ply.
  • Bwp Plywood.
  • Bwr Plywood.
  • Bwp Blockboard.
  • Decorative Veneer.
  • Flexi Ply.
Annual Turnover Rs. 50 – 100 Crore
Year of Establishment 1995
Total Number of Employees
Address Corp. Office: 46,
Bb Ganguly Street ( 5th Floor),
Road No. 8, Kolkata – 700 012

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#5. Kitply Plywood

The Kitply Plywood Industries Limited was established in India in the year of 1982. Since then, Kitply Plywood Industries Limited has started life into the blockboard and plywood market of the nation.

Kitplay Plywood manufacturer of Natural Veneers, Blockboards, Plywood, Doors, etc.

The Kitply Plywood Industries Limited has 12 sales offices and 5 well-equipped factories, across all over India and exporting to Nepal, Bangladesh, the Middle East, and Pakistan.

Kitply Industries is the first company in India that caters to Blockboard and Plywood needs.

Kitply Plywood Industries Limited has won the prestigious award “Indira Priyadarshini Vrikshamitra Award” for their contribution in the field of wasteland development and afforestation.

With a wide distribution network of more than 300 dealers, Kitply Plywood Limited ensures consistency and constant development and modification, premium quality of products, in their style and technique.

Kitply Plywood Industries Limited is best marine plywood brand in India. also best plywood for furniture in india

Product Range of Kitply Playwood

  • Kitply Gold
  • Kitply PF
  • Kitply Curvy
  • Kitply Plus
  • Kitply Chequered Plywood
  • Kitply Marine
  • Swastik Plus
Annual Turnover Rs. 50 – 100 Crore
Year of Establishment 1982
Total Number of Employees 1001 to 2000 People
Address White House ‘A’ Block,
4th Floor, 119, Park Street,
Kolkata-700 016

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#6. Bansal Sales Corporation Pvt. Ltd

Bansal Sales Corporation Pvt. Ltd was consolidated under Indian Partnership Act 1932 in 1963 as a Partnership Firm.

Bansal Sales Corporation Pvt. Ltd are among the figured names in the business occupied with merchant, retailer, distributor, provider, and dealer Interior Designing and Building Material items like Timber, Plywood, Flooring, MDF, Acrylic Solid Surface, Surface, Decorative Hardware, Laminates, Veneers and so on.

Product Range of Bansal Sales Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

  • EURO Charcoal Panels
  • EURO Stonewall
  • EURO Cork Panels
  • EURO Translucent Stone
  • EURO Glass Shutters
  • EURO Modular Kitchen
  • EURO Mosaic Tiles
  • EURO Faux Leather Tiles
  • EURO PVC Sheets
  • Eurolite High Gloss Panel
  • Euro glam High Gloss Acrylic Laminates
  • Euro glam Antiscratch & Icesheets
Annual Turnover Rs. 25 – 50 Crore
Year of Establishment 1963
Total Number of Employees 26 to 50 People
Address No. C – 15 / 219, Laxmi Nagar, Opposite Laxmi Nagar, District Centre, near V – 3 S, Mall, Delhi 110092

#7. National Plywood Industries Limited

National Plywood Industries Limited is established as a tea chest manufacturer in the lush tea belt of Assam in 1951. National Plywood Industries Ltd is founded in the year 1973.

National Plywood Industries Limited India’s premier manufacturer of blockboard, plywood, and flush doors, with unparalleled service and exceptional quality of products to its dealers, distributors, and customers alike.

National plywood manufactures produce Laminate, Flush Door, Plywood, and Blockboard.

In 1994, NPIL expanded into cutting-edge decorative laminates under the brands National Uninational Laminart and Laminates.

Product Range of National Plywood Industries Limited

  • Plywood
  • Block Boards
  • Flush Doors
  • Laminates
  • National Fibre Cement Boards
Annual Turnover Rs. 25 – 50 Crore
Year of Establishment 1951
Total Number of Employees 11 to 25 People
Address 5, Fancy Lane, Kolkata, Paharganj, Kolkata-110055, West Bengal, India

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#8. Indiana plywood industries

Indiana Plywood Industries is one of the best-trusted organizations in the plywood industry engaged in supplying and manufacturing optimum quality Blockboards, Plywood, and Decorative, including waterproof furniture plywood.

Indiana Plywood Industries product collection offered by us includes Prelam Plywood, Calibrated Marine Plywood, Russian Birch Plywood, Burmese Gurjan Plywood, Veneers, Flexi Plywood, Decorative, Container Flooring, Deck Flooring, BlockBoard, and Flush Doors.

Product Range Indiana Plywood Industries

  • Calibrated Plywood
  • Prelam Plywood
  • Birch Plywood
  • Burmese Gurjan Plywood
  • Packing Grade Plywood
  • Flexible Plywood
  • Synchronized BSL Plywood
  • Pre-Veneered Plywood
  • Block Board
  • Finger Joint Block Board
  • Oriental Strand Board(OSB)
  • Birch Film Faced Plywood
  • Film Faced Shuttering Plywood
  • Marine Plywood
  • Decorative Plywood
  • Yamunanagar Plywood
Annual Turnover Rs 25 Crores
Year of Establishment 1996
Total Number of Employees
Address Indiana House, 337, PU-4, Scheme 54, AB Road, Indore 452010, Madhya Pradesh, India

#9. Woodstock Laminates Ltd

Woodstock Laminates Limited repute in Panel products and Plywood Manufacturing in Haryana (North India) since its inception in 1995.

Woodstock Laminates Limited, established by Mr. Rajnesh Arora and Mr. Sanjeev Sethi. Woodstock Laminates Limited is a trusted safety, quality, and durability of ISO certified for Total Quality Management.

Wood Products, the Wood stock has been incredibly established in the industry for its beauty, consistent creativity, quality, perfection, and innovation.

Product Range of Woodstock Laminates Ltd

  • Plywood Commercial
  • Blockboard Plywood
  • Door Safety Steel
  • Plywood Veneer
  • Marine Plywood
  • Shuttering Plywood
Annual Turnover Rs. 10 – 25 Crore
Year of Establishment 1995
Total Number of Employees
Address 1/103, WHS, Timber Block, Kirti Nagar, New Delhi-110015, Delhi, India

#10. Crownply Plywoods

Crownply Plywoods have been working in the wood industry for more than one decade.

Strength of Crownply Plywood in the excellent quality standards and followed strictly, right from choosing the wood, to final dispatch of plywood.

Crownply has produced a wide range of materials that are commonly used in the woodworking industry.

Product Range of Crownply Plywoods

  • Crownply-Silver
  • Crownply-Gold
  • Crownply-Platinum
  • Crownply Flexi
Annual Turnover
Year of Establishment 1970
Total Number of Employees
Address NO:7, 2nd Floor, CLC Works Rd, New Colony, Chromepet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600044

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